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Talking toys. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream talking toys. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

toys 17
Meaning of the dream: pleasure and joy

having toys 88

buy toys 10
Interpretation of the dream: chimerical dreams

toys for children 77
Translation: mysterious happenings

broken toys 51
Dream description: selfishness and calculation

bazaar of toys 8
Meaning: friendly meetings

sell toys 78
Translation of the dream: news from afar

showcase with toys 48
Interpretation: favorable circumstances

Store toys 6

Merchant of toys 44

Still talking 36
Meaning of the dream: time of trouble

talking with an abbess 22
Description: novelties in business

talking aloud 82
Interpretation of the dream: aggressive arrogance

talking softly 11
Translation: enforceable rights

madonna talking 64
Dream description: delight

talking to their grandparents 45
Meaning: industry recognized

talking to a man 18
Translation of the dream: new hope

talking between his teeth 24
Interpretation: vanity wound

talking bad 82
Sense of the dream: motions of anger

hear talking 11
What does it mean: impulsive decision

talking cricket 65

talking to the theater 10

talking at the bar 66

talking with the dead 50

talking with lover 55

talking at home 74

talking in church 45

talking in nightclub 18

felines talking 24
Sense of the dream: wisdom

stalking killers 90
What does it mean: extravagances harmful

talkie 90
Meaning of the dream: you want a different life