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Take to the chin. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream take to the chin. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

chin wrong 18
Meaning of the dream: great riches

long chin 2
Description: beware of false friends

chin 30
Interpretation of the dream: good future

pointed chin 54
Translation: claims for interest

take to the sea 41
Dream description: New Adventures

take to the neck 87
Meaning: rupture of relations

take the coupon 76
Translation of the dream: arrest of a deal

take a calming 84
Interpretation: favors from a friend

take a false name 81
Sense of the dream: dangerous lack of reflection

take the sleeping pill 17
What does it mean: danger of deceit

take on credit 32
Meaning of the dream: business disruption

take a slap 6
Description: violent discussion

It might take to snare birds 5
Interpretation of the dream: cunning, envy and even joy

take your receipt 30
Translation: money coming

take the moth 19
Dream description: dangerous gossip of neighbors

take a punch 74
Meaning: inner restlessness

take a letter 49
Translation of the dream: overcome obstacles

take the hangover 78
Interpretation: problems to be solved

take a partner 75
Sense of the dream: new and interesting experiences

take an exciting 39
What does it mean: rapidity of decision

take the representation 67
Meaning of the dream: request for help

take an ostrich 51
Description: short satisfaction

take measure chest 19
Interpretation of the dream: assertiveness

take someone by the collar 29
Translation: vain hopes of the heart

take an aperitif 74
Dream description: you will improve your position

take and bring a herd 11
Meaning: woes

take clothing in freight 53
Translation of the dream: disharmony in the family

take a cavalier attitude 32
Interpretation: prudence in business

take poison by mistake 45
Sense of the dream: obstacles and disputes

to take 31
What does it mean: limited freedom

take eggs from the chicken coop 19
Meaning of the dream: welfare and prosperity

take delivery 57
Description: emotion and ambition

see take the prize 10
Interpretation of the dream: minor damage

take a charge 4
Translation: new projects

take vacations 32
Dream description: clear days

take into consideration 62
Meaning: threads interest

It might take crickets 60
Translation of the dream: good prediction

take a responsibility 44
Interpretation: difficulties to be overcome

take a shortcut 54
Sense of the dream: You have good initiative

take birds 34
What does it mean: inner dissatisfaction

take refreshment 80
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated modesty

take paralytics 86
Description: serious discord

take a deer 15
Interpretation of the dream: intimate satisfactions

take a dog 30
Translation: professional concerns

take medicine 39
Dream description: damage and losses

take your hat 34
Meaning: danger of exploitation

take bee 4
Translation of the dream: Success in business

take a shower 1
Interpretation: labors useless

make the decision 26
Sense of the dream: sensitivity and intelligence

take the veil 56
What does it mean: uncontrolled impulses

take a child from the orphanage 8
Meaning of the dream: attention to detail

take in word 5
Description: legitimate anger