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Take someone by the collar. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream take someone by the collar. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

take someone by the collar 29
Meaning of the dream: vain hopes of the heart

take aim at someone 76
Description: You do not want to forget your enemy

high collar 27
Interpretation of the dream: good performance at work

collar dirty 81
Translation: Hidden Danger

collar clean 62
Dream description: serenity of mind

embroidered collar 12
Meaning: dangerous relationship

collar turned up 33
Translation of the dream: accuracy in doing the job

get up the collar 18
Interpretation: sense of justice

see someone run 77
Sense of the dream: novelty

starched collar 46
What does it mean: insincere friendships

coat collar 11
Meaning of the dream: envy masked

shave someone 16
Description: provocation not collect

masturbate someone 72
Interpretation of the dream: sexual problems

put someone in handcuffs 13
Translation: concerns

buttoning the collar 26
Dream description: lasting joy

accuse someone 90
Meaning: sorrows secrets

iron the collar 75
Translation of the dream: coherence in

meet someone 35
Interpretation: you have something to report to a friend

to embellish someone 39
Sense of the dream: would you like to change the character of a person

fainting, seeing someone fall 29
What does it mean: You receive benefits from strangers

misjudge someone 85
Meaning of the dream: you re always reckless

White collar 34
Description: clarification in love

shirt collar 78
Interpretation of the dream: invitations pleasant

seeing someone die 7
Translation: abandonment and sadness

collar 64
Dream description: numerous honors

take the side of someone 11
Meaning: fear and distrust

dagger hit someone 3
Translation of the dream: vanquished foes

see someone tumbling 24
Interpretation: the person who falls will have a little sorrow

wear the collar 89
Sense of the dream: good health and serenity

see someone chase 8
What does it mean: lightness of purpose

see someone fishing 44
Meaning of the dream: you will be betrayed

take a child 42
Description: encouragement flattering

take your receipt 30
Interpretation of the dream: money coming

do calculation on someone 67
Translation: intrigues family

knock someone 6
Dream description: lack of prudence

fire someone 43
Meaning: cut ties with someone negative

searching someone 17
Translation of the dream: repressed desires

take the coupon 76
Interpretation: arrest of a deal

collar priest 14
Sense of the dream: bright ideas

take a child from the orphanage 8
What does it mean: attention to detail

accept someone or something 17
Meaning of the dream: right now your excellent mood

call someone by name 57
Description: probable visits

take the hangover 78
Interpretation of the dream: problems to be solved

burn someone 24
Translation: problems for your business

see someone run naked 53
Dream description: you were robbed without you will be realized

command to someone 1
Meaning: boredom

take to the neck 87
Translation of the dream: rupture of relations

subjugate someone 77
Interpretation: try to be more humble

stab someone 25
Sense of the dream: defend yourself from an attack