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Take over an address. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream take over an address. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

write an address 76
Meaning of the dream: loss of security

wrong address 11
Description: spirit stingy

note down an address 39
Interpretation of the dream: great activities

transcribe an address 87
Translation: presence of mind

address 71
Dream description: projects favorable working

give an address 8
Meaning: vivid imagination

look up the address 64
Translation of the dream: you can not forget someone

read your address 22
Interpretation: Announcements

the address of a friend 16
Sense of the dream: mistrust and obstinacy

change address 19
What does it mean: attitudes to be corrected

the address of a hotel 39
Meaning of the dream: physical fatigue

forget an address 28
Description: practical spirit

take charge of the other 69
Interpretation of the dream: joy, success, leisure travel

take charge of relatives 43
Translation: Fortunately by women

take delivery 57
Dream description: emotion and ambition

take charge of affairs 68
Meaning: impatience

take on a crime 57
Translation of the dream: clarification

take the representation 67
Interpretation: request for help

take on a debt 85
Sense of the dream: way hard

take a responsibility 44
What does it mean: difficulties to be overcome

take on a difficult task 28
Meaning of the dream: rectitude

assume the responsibility 22
Description: violent emotion

to take 31
Interpretation of the dream: limited freedom

take your receipt 30
Translation: money coming

take on a job 8
Dream description: donation money

take a partner 75
Meaning: new and interesting experiences

take a charge 4
Translation of the dream: new projects

take to the neck 87
Interpretation: rupture of relations

take vacations 32
Sense of the dream: clear days

take the coupon 76
What does it mean: arrest of a deal

take bat 48
Meaning of the dream: sorrows in family

exculpate himself of a charge 31
Description: Dangerous Liaisons

nominated for a charge 39
Interpretation of the dream: small loss of money

take someone by the collar 29
Translation: vain hopes of the heart

take clothing in freight 53
Dream description: disharmony in the family

take a dog 30
Meaning: professional concerns

take to the sea 41
Translation of the dream: New Adventures

take a deer 15
Interpretation: intimate satisfactions

take a letter 49
Sense of the dream: overcome obstacles

take a hawk 78
What does it mean: profit

take a mouse 60
Meaning of the dream: clarify misunderstandings

take an animal 76
Description: Danger averted

take a firefly 42
Interpretation of the dream: desire to find new stimuli

confirm a charge 50
Translation: Employment solid

take a goose 68
Dream description: sad detachment

take a tonic 31
Meaning: problems to be solved

resign from a charge 7
Translation of the dream: kindness and joviality

renounce a charge 63
Interpretation: you ll be greatly offended

decayed by a charge 81
Sense of the dream: letters traveling

take a wild boar 18
What does it mean: protection and aid

take the moth 19
Meaning of the dream: dangerous gossip of neighbors

take up the cuff 66
Description: realizations

deposed by a charge 15
Interpretation of the dream: favorable changes

take on credit 32
Translation: business disruption

discharged from a charge 78
Dream description: successfully delayed