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Table wine. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream table wine. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

table wine 4
Meaning of the dream: favorable development of business

table 86
Description: emotionally vulnerable

table lighter 14
Interpretation of the dream: easy money

set up a table 9
Translation: to overcome adversity

stretch a table 46
Dream description: understanding between friends

leave the table 76
Meaning: fascination

lay the table 23
Translation of the dream: consolation or happy outcome

lean on the table 41
Interpretation: greed punished

table linen 10
Sense of the dream: good faith betrayed

table drawer 53
What does it mean: important relationships

cobbler at the table 79
Meaning of the dream: momentary embarrassment

table knife 67
Description: new achievements

bedside table 3
Interpretation of the dream: disturbing thoughts

declaim at the table 87
Translation: superficiality and lightness

unadorned table 42
Dream description: slow progress in labor

fruit on the table 32
Meaning: great imagination

soup on the table 83
Translation of the dream: invitation welcome

adorn a table 86
Interpretation: imaginative projects

table clock 88
Sense of the dream: nice outing

prepare the table 40
What does it mean: realization pleased

mustard above the table 82
Meaning of the dream: bickering and dispute

table briar 71
Description: discord with relatives

curl up under the table 15
Interpretation of the dream: economic concerns

forefront of a table 40
Translation: lively discussions

dodge a table 68
Dream description: displays of affection

sit on the table 28
Meaning: novelties from afar

sit at the table 27
Translation of the dream: vitality and health

serve at the table 56
Interpretation: calmness in decisions

break through a table 24
Sense of the dream: chatter dangerous

remove a table 18
What does it mean: disturbance of short duration

splitting a table 19
Meaning of the dream: uncertain job

table dishes 65
Description: rebellion useless

table service 29
Interpretation of the dream: a servant deceives you

carpet on the table 26
Translation: problems for children

Set table 44
Dream description: excellent prospects

square table 40
Meaning: interesting relationships

rectangular table 49
Translation of the dream: new sensations

Extending table 51
Interpretation: misunderstandings

marble table 20
Sense of the dream: adventures difficult

kitchen table 11
What does it mean: momentum in the activity

table with flowers 48
Meaning of the dream: final selection

table with fruit 41
Description: prodigality

table with cakes 6
Interpretation of the dream: exaggerated pessimism

table falling 86
Translation: optimal solution

table grapes 86
Dream description: great deal at home

paint a table 2
Meaning: initiative

game table 16
Translation of the dream: shameful servitude

work table 17
Interpretation: wellbeing and comfortable life

lift a table 24

boiled at the table 4

fall table 43

head of the table 45

changing table 20

nail table 12

salad on the table 68

inlaid table 55

table of religious 37

table tennis 89

knocking on the table 81

shitting at the table 26

citrus fruits on the table 59
Meaning of the dream: healthy intuition

a table top of alabaster 27
Description: danger of falling

make toast at the table 17
Interpretation of the dream: good mood

bedside table with marble 18
Translation: advantageous purchases

bedside table with a lamp 54
Dream description: peace in the family

bedside table with a candle 19
Meaning: danger of cheating

dinner table prepared 36
Translation of the dream: abundance

carry pigeons on the table 74
Interpretation: next trip

table tennis rackets 18
Sense of the dream: ambiguous behavior

salt shaker on the table 20
What does it mean: unexpected financial benefits

servant who serves at the table 15
Meaning of the dream: knowledge important