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Syringes gray. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream syringes gray. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

gray 11
Meaning of the dream: lack of clarity in the work

gray mustache 61
Description: Domestic troubles

gray beard 65
Interpretation of the dream: happiness in love

gray hair 31
Translation: meetings of value

gray rabbit 13
Dream description: disagreements over money

gray hoary 15
Meaning: you will have many descendants

gray clouds 7
Translation of the dream: melancholy

gray mice 35
Interpretation: desire for love

gray base 38

hat gray 56

gray atmosphere 48

gray muslin 89

gray hair in a man 76
Interpretation of the dream: victory over enemies

gray hair in a woman 73
Translation: loss of a friendship

graying hair 10
Dream description: position compromised

syringe 34
Meaning: prudence in business

buy syringe 44
Translation of the dream: prudence in business

boil a syringe 60
Interpretation: disorderly actions

use syringe 6
Sense of the dream: health concerns

break syringe 51
What does it mean: anxieties and nervousness

clogged syringe 20
Meaning of the dream: overcome difficulties

glass syringe 51
Description: momentary uncertainty

needle syringe 2

vial Syringe 83