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Swollen nerve. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream swollen nerve. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

neuralgia (nerve pain) 77
Meaning of the dream: curiosity

nerve disease 5
Description: Fortunately by women

swollen creek 65
Interpretation of the dream: influential friends

swollen nose 3
Translation: tips to follow

swollen river 81
Dream description: feverish activity

swollen knee 42
Meaning: business in danger

swollen abdomen 62
Translation of the dream: new project in the works

side swollen 77
Interpretation: wealth for the wife or the husband

swollen elbow 39
Sense of the dream: bad speculation

swollen arms 54
What does it mean: damage

swollen feet 86
Meaning of the dream: mental laziness

swollen tonsils 5
Description: gossip does not collect

swollen head 79
Interpretation of the dream: disease

swollen legs 79
Translation: declining health

swollen hands 10
Dream description: wealth in sight

swollen gums 64
Meaning: rapidity of decision

puffy eyes 40
Translation of the dream: rebellion

swollen throat 80
Interpretation: confidences to avoid

swollen cheek 56
Sense of the dream: serious concern

swollen belly 70
What does it mean: mistrust and unwillingness

swollen mouth 36
Meaning of the dream: missed opportunity

oppressed spleen, swollen, sick 3
Description: restlessness

nervous disposition 80
Interpretation of the dream: difficulty in love

nervous climate 84
Translation: implacable enemy

inflated 53
Dream description: faithful love

agitated nervous 65
Meaning: imminent danger

pills antineuralgic 16
Translation of the dream: disappointing experience

bad nerves 59
Interpretation: nothing can stop the moment of good fortune that awaits the dreamer, gain and prosperity

semolina 42
Sense of the dream: lack of initiative

swellings 85
What does it mean: concerns

faint of heart 73
Meaning of the dream: incomes

chilblains 47
Description: illness of a loved one

jaw swells 11
Interpretation of the dream: symbol of motherhood

sick of nerves 72
Translation: infidelity

cook semolina 43
Dream description: sad thoughts

buy semolina 50
Meaning: lack of initiative

inflated to hurt 32
Translation of the dream: impulsiveness

middlings semolina 16
Interpretation: abundance and wealth

eat semolina 36
Sense of the dream: confidence premature

Semolina soup 25
What does it mean: payout of slander

chilblains ears 3
Meaning of the dream: false confidences

chilblains wrapped 74
Description: lie discovery

breast swelling 28
Interpretation of the dream: bad speculations

semolina pudding 32
Translation: your efforts will be rewarded

swelling of bikes 65
Dream description: business complex

chilblains on hands 15
Meaning: deception by a woman

chilblains on feet 45
Translation of the dream: important meeting

jaw, gums, cheeks puffed 7
Interpretation: wealth for a relative or friend

Shoulder plague, inflated, suffering 49
Sense of the dream: boredom and displeasure on the part of the family

bundled up 5
What does it mean: being unstable

dilated 76
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

have a fight 74
Description: sufferings of love

whipped cream 18
Interpretation of the dream: profitable business

stolen goods 70
Translation: unpleasant experience

broken brick 85
Dream description: You will face all the difficulties