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Swim in the stool. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream swim in the stool. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

stool 1
Meaning of the dream: penalties and unnecessary worries

sit on a stool 34
Description: penalties and unnecessary worries

fall from a stool 11
Interpretation of the dream: business thwarted

mounted on a stool 22
Translation: misdirected ambition

piano stool 8
Dream description: satisfactions by young

stool analysis 52

swim 11
Translation of the dream: Face the difficulties of life by proceeding with ease

swim underwater 46
Interpretation: great inner strength

swim against the tide 32
Sense of the dream: emotional instability

swim in the pool 9
What does it mean: physical discomfort

swim in competition with others 64
Meaning of the dream: difficult relationships

swim to save someone 87
Description: obstacles overcome

swim in the waves 78
Interpretation of the dream: you will overcome adversity

swim in clear water 79
Translation: Work serene

swim in water fast 13
Dream description: dangerous actions

whale swims 32
Meaning: test of courage

swimming championship 20
Translation of the dream: satisfactions from children

swimsuit 8
Interpretation: great sensitivity

stoop 23
Sense of the dream: It is waiting for you hard work

cross a river swimming 84
What does it mean: hopes that come true

sea ​​with swimmers 44
Meaning of the dream: recovery of lost time

swimming in river 47
Description: friendships unnecessary

swimming in the sea 13
Interpretation of the dream: stimulating activities

swimming in a small creek 35
Translation: contrariness

festoon 29
Dream description: harmful habits

swimming in gold 35
Meaning: waiting and uncertainty

pass a river swimming 84
Translation of the dream: hopes that come true

plunge in swimsuit 60
Interpretation: desire for freedom

man swimming 59
Sense of the dream: duties to perform

tub for swimming 23
What does it mean: dispersion of forces

stoop to the parent 11

stoop to his mother 21

boatman swims 52

faldstool 15

Houndstooth 76