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Sweating fever. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sweating fever. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sweating fever 89
Meaning of the dream: restlessness and nervousness

sweating fatigue 63
Description: new responsibilities

continued fever 49
Interpretation of the dream: domain and activities

fever 28
Translation: cravings, frenzy, agitation

shaken by fever 35
Dream description: you need to react to the fact that you do not like

heal from fever 52

chilled fever 12

low fever 80

numb fever 14
Sense of the dream: small joys

inflammatory fever 5

high fever 8
Meaning of the dream: Next healing

periodic fever 71
Description: hidden energy

ill with fever 37

fever throat 74

shivering with fever 13
Dream description: unwillingness

burning with fever 41
Meaning: recovery from illness

fever of love 12
Translation of the dream: tolerance

delirious with fever 48
Interpretation: betrayal of woman

fever of malaria 2
Sense of the dream: indifference to others

thrill for fever 44

doze off for fever 78

fever with delirium 11
Description: resentment and jealousy

quart fever 47

puerperal fever 72

rheumatic fever 65

yellow fever 77

sweating a lot 32
Translation of the dream: firm resolutions

gastric fever 31

intestinal fever 6

to sweat 30
What does it mean: next disease

sweat hot 76
Meaning of the dream: thwarted love

sweat for a run 75
Description: excessive pride

sweat 40
Interpretation of the dream: next disease

sweat winter 90
Translation: heartbreak

scarlet fever 39
Dream description: fatality

cold sweat 34
Meaning: resentment useless

wipe the sweat 31
Translation of the dream: serenity fictitious

sweat drying 41

sweat of fear 63
Sense of the dream: deceptive appearances

recover from typhoid 32

wet with sweat 78

smell of sweat 36
Description: health threat

typhus 37
Interpretation of the dream: small ailment

bad smell of sweat 17
Translation: health hazard

have typhus 41
Dream description: themes that your health may worsen

serum typhus 73
Meaning: friendship wrong

feverish who raves 7

handkerchief to wipe away the sweat 53
Interpretation: await anxieties

subscribe to bathrooms 88
Sense of the dream: sorrow of love

squabble 15
What does it mean: personal needs or privacy issues

bathrobe for kids 80
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

bathrobe 30
Description: personal needs or privacy issues

wearing a bathrobe 15
Interpretation of the dream: projects in family

give a bathrobe 12
Translation: presumption

acidity in the mouth 8
Dream description: tranquility of mind

drowning in the bath 44
Meaning: dissensions double

citrus 41
Translation of the dream: novelty

citrus in pots 6
Interpretation: novelty

citrus in rows 62
Sense of the dream: successful completion

citrus garden 18
What does it mean: contentment

Citrus in greenhouse 81
Meaning of the dream: faithful love

citrus fruits on the table 59
Description: healthy intuition

pick citrus 4
Interpretation of the dream: Dangerous Liaisons

sell citrus fruits 41
Translation: dispute at home

buy citrus 2
Dream description: false news

breast-feed lambs 15
Meaning: fear of deception