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Suitcase with clothes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream suitcase with clothes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

suitcase 59
Meaning of the dream: you re ready for any novelty

suitcase bellows 47
Description: fortitude

suitcase full 23
Interpretation of the dream: optimism

suitcase closed 50
Translation: curiosity satisfied

small suitcase 59
Dream description: quarrels with relatives

open suitcase 87
Meaning: good chance

large suitcase 1
Translation of the dream: fallacious illusions

fiber suitcase 72
Interpretation: great dynamism

canvas suitcase 10
Sense of the dream: joyful events

elegant suitcase 31
What does it mean: creative spirit

give suitcase 19
Meaning of the dream: unexpected support

empty suitcase 6
Description: well-founded trust

buy suitcase 33
Interpretation of the dream: joy and serenity

steal a suitcase 42
Translation: treacherous friendships

deposit suitcase 61
Dream description: fantastic dreams

send the suitcase 19
Meaning: tough business

lose suitcase 42
Translation of the dream: exaltation sentimental

leather suitcase 21
Interpretation: probability Travel

carry the suitcase in hand 73
Sense of the dream: embarrassing situation

to empty the suitcase 75
What does it mean: Excessive volatility

prepare the suitcase 26
Meaning of the dream: something is finally concluded

entrust a suitcase 2
Description: quarrels inappropriate

keep a suitcase 61
Interpretation of the dream: expected changes in the family or in the work

stealing a suitcase 42
Translation: friendships insecure

closet with clothes 44
Dream description: good practical sense

fill your suitcase 57
Meaning: momentary happiness

find a suitcase 80
Translation of the dream: quarrels and disputes

wardrobe with clothes 74
Interpretation: Fortunately vanished

sleep clothes 36
Sense of the dream: jealousies and concerns

have clothes 39
What does it mean: pain near

lend clothes 43
Meaning of the dream: decisive events

flapping clothes 10
Description: solution of a problem

bloody clothes 46
Interpretation of the dream: you will be involved in a bad situation

turn on clothes 29
Translation: gossip of neighbors

pricing clothes 52
Dream description: imaginative projects

Balcony with clothes hanging 37
Meaning: bright future

engage clothing 46
Translation of the dream: indiscretion

give clothes 30
Interpretation: diplomacy and tact

clothes stall 4
Sense of the dream: do not let induce chatter

stuffing clothes 22
What does it mean: liberation from grave danger

donate clothes 31
Meaning of the dream: considerable gains

barter clothes 7
Description: do not be stingy, you may be injured

perfuming clothes 37
Interpretation of the dream: something in your life it is not good more

clothes tear on your face 13
Translation: your life comfortable and safe

tying clothes 9
Dream description: new facts

consume clothes 35
Meaning: friendship of women

cash with clothing 80
Translation of the dream: resistance force

take off clothes 20
Interpretation: difficult situations

diplomatic bag 26
Sense of the dream: delusions of grandeur

iron clothes 53
What does it mean: efforts rewarded

have embroidered clothes 31
Meaning of the dream: honors and money

lay clothes 25
Description: secret pain

clean clothes 51
Interpretation of the dream: excessive generosity