Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Suffer an attack. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: suffer an attack

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suffer an attack 60
Meaning of the dream: imminent danger

attack 41
Dream Interpretation: attention to their own interests

attack behind 61
Meanings of dreams: opposition inevitable

attack for robbery 33
Dream Interpretations: new production commitments

in revenge attack 78
What does this mean: successfully countered in business

attack verbally 65
What does it mean: uncertain business

attack a fight 51
Meaning of the dream: presumption punished

enemy attack 70
Dream Interpretation: you will be offended

attack the barricade 12
Meanings of dreams: six conformist

attack in front 60
Dream Interpretations: obstacles and struggles

organize an attack 54
What does this mean: deeply hate a person

attack a train 43

performing an anarchist attack 63
Meaning of the dream: cracks and separations

suffer 70
Dream Interpretation: arrival of an inheritance or a child

suffer seeing 48
Meanings of dreams: excellent physical condition

suffer conviction 62
Dream Interpretations: reckless speculation

suffer a theft 62
What does this mean: bad faith of a colleague

suffer from hunger 12
What does it mean: profitable business

to suffer an affront 81
Meaning of the dream: excessive sensitivity

suffer for discomfort 40
Dream Interpretation: that appearances are deceiving

suffer from a disease 70
Meanings of dreams: good health

suffer persecution 25
Dream Interpretations: serious quarrels with people from home or with close friends

suffer robbery 33
What does this mean: disease of short duration

suffer scandal 4
What does it mean: inner tension

suffer defeat 34
Meaning of the dream: interesting proposals

suffer from thirst 21
Dream Interpretation: excesses and disorder

suffer for love 89
Meanings of dreams: feelings exclusive

suffer a loss 81
Dream Interpretations: extraordinary strength

suffer wrong 56
What does this mean: discontinuity in action

suffer a betrayal 67
What does it mean: secret pain

suffer a vengeance 23
Meaning of the dream: small difficulty

suffer violence 47
Dream Interpretation: initiatives thwarted

suffer an assault 17
Meanings of dreams: your fears repressed procure problems

suffer torture or martyrdom 4
Dream Interpretations: joy

attacking a friend 38
What does this mean: waste of money

attacking a passer 71
What does it mean: reconciliation with friends

attach 52
Meaning of the dream: soon you receive a gift

attach a document 17
Dream Interpretation: contrasts in love

attach a copy 1
Meanings of dreams: good faith betrayed

attach a photograph 90
Dream Interpretations: contrasts in the affections

attach stamps 24
What does this mean: satisfactions by young people

attaching buttons 60
What does it mean: false flatterers

being attacked by many brigands 2
Meaning of the dream: mishaps with close relatives

convoy attacked 55
Dream Interpretation: support by friendly people

boar that attacks 67
Meanings of dreams: harmful relationships

damage suffered by others 70
Dream Interpretations: unwillingness

lion attacking 39
What does this mean: vain ostentation

being attacked by a monster 30
What does it mean: discouragement and disappointment

panther that attacks 45
Meaning of the dream: inner conflicts

suffering from the cold 73
Dream Interpretation: disloyalty on the part of a woman

suffering from thirst 40
Meanings of dreams: reconciliation with relatives