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Stumble and break the glasses. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stumble and break the glasses. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

stumble 7
Meaning of the dream: mistakes are not repeated

step stumble 62
Description: you will be temporarily locked

stumble boards 81

break (break in the machine) 66
Translation: delays

glasses 88
Dream description: error that you have to pay

old with glasses 49
Meaning: melancholy passing

opera glasses 16
Translation of the dream: false testimonies of affection

Crystal glasses 28
Interpretation: regret useless

washing glasses 25
Sense of the dream: forebodings fallacious

wear glasses 22
What does it mean: missed opportunity

buy glasses 51
Meaning of the dream: sick passenger

dropping glasses 48
Description: fake friends

lose glasses 70
Interpretation of the dream: impediments and delays

glasses earpiece 72
Translation: consequence of infidelity

Sun glasses 14
Dream description: optimism and confidence

reading glasses 4
Meaning: satisfactory solution

clean glasses 70
Translation of the dream: discovery of intrigue

washing up glasses 80
Interpretation: cost-effective solution

breaking glasses 2
Sense of the dream: generosity and enthusiasm

shelf with glasses 14
What does it mean: happy moments

hurl glasses 2
Meaning of the dream: realizable remarkable

tray with glasses 60
Description: safety and benefits

sell glasses 80
Interpretation of the dream: indecision about what to do

glass or glasses 44
Translation: honesty transparency

colored glasses 37
Dream description: friendships suspicious

extricate glasses 86

sheath of glasses 71

pack glasses 47

glasses with lenses 52

Silver glasses 81

shopkeeper of glasses 41

rinse glasses 23

short-sighted glasses 5
Interpretation of the dream: interesting experiences

rimmed glasses turtle 82
Translation: prospects happy

glasses mounted in gold 12
Dream description: malicious gossip

break through 42
Meaning: too much impulsiveness

break-in 4

break down a barrier 48
Interpretation: presence of mind

break down a beast 75
Sense of the dream: decrease of energy

break halberd 6
What does it mean: failure in business

break mug 10
Meaning of the dream: possessive love

break down more skittles 42
Description: luck in all that you aspire

break the chain 26
Interpretation of the dream: bad business

break down the motherinlaw 18

break hangers 1
Dream description: reestablishment next

break the poor 89
Meaning: a good omen, the rich the opposite

break down a wall 10
Translation of the dream: period of discouragement

break umbrella 13
Interpretation: triumph over difficulties

break rocks 62
Sense of the dream: advantageous purchases

break out in curses 13
What does it mean: stubbornness and obstinacy

break into sobs 17
Meaning of the dream: compromising friendships

break down the core 88
Description: deny the love of a person

break down a pillar 44
Interpretation of the dream: You win a person you thought invincible

break down the oak 59
Translation: lack of self-control

break shoe 44
Dream description: exaggerated pride

break the radio 65
Meaning: generosity

regret for a break 24
Translation of the dream: excitable temperament

break a branch 44
Interpretation: loss of property

break relations 37
Sense of the dream: social duties to be performed

break a rake 43
What does it mean: dangerous trip

break a record 16
Meaning of the dream: strong desire for independence

break report 48
Description: unstable relationships

break a reticulated 64
Interpretation of the dream: irritation and nervousness

break the line 82
Translation: break with collaborators

break plates 76
Dream description: material well-being

break a vase 89
Meaning: welcome gift

break an umbrella 89
Translation of the dream: obstinacy

break through the shoes 44
Interpretation: ill health

break a contract 56
Sense of the dream: position compromised

break a leg 26
What does it mean: methods to change

break Warmer 16
Meaning of the dream: reports a little thesis