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Stumble and break the glasses. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stumble and break the glasses. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

stumble 7
Meaning of the dream: mistakes are not repeated

breaking glasses 2
Description: generosity and enthusiasm

short-sighted glasses 5
Interpretation of the dream: interesting experiences

hurl glasses 2
Translation: realizable remarkable

Silver glasses 81
Dream description: violent incidents

break a piggy bank 65
Meaning: affirmation hampered

break the radio 65
Translation of the dream: generosity

stumble boards 81
Interpretation: dangerous friendships

glasses with lenses 52
Sense of the dream: attempt to deceive with false promises, attention

break ears 74
What does it mean: entry money

step stumble 62
Meaning of the dream: you will be temporarily locked

break or surpass palisades 42
Description: certain triumph

rinse glasses 23
Interpretation of the dream: great benefits

break a sieve 6
Translation: ideas unclear

break the clock 32
Dream description: unexpected misfortune

batten all the glasses 70
Meaning: fears

colored glasses 37
Translation of the dream: friendships suspicious

break china 60
Interpretation: you are very insecure

break Warmer 16
Sense of the dream: reports a little thesis

clean glasses 70
What does it mean: discovery of intrigue

clean up glasses 80
Meaning of the dream: cost-effective solution

buy glasses 51
Description: sick passenger

dropping glasses 48
Interpretation of the dream: fake friends

glasses earpiece 72
Translation: consequence of infidelity

lose glasses 70
Dream description: impediments and delays

pack glasses 47
Meaning: stressful time

tripping over timber 53
Translation of the dream: new sensations

break an umbrella 89
Interpretation: obstinacy

tripping over the step 42
Sense of the dream: self-doubt

break the poor 89
What does it mean: a good omen, the rich the opposite

stumbling on the stairs 62
Meaning of the dream: unmet expectations

break (break in the machine) 66
Description: delays

tripping over a stone 13
Interpretation of the dream: mistakes are not repeated

break an oar 7
Translation: private life difficult

glasses mounted in gold 12
Dream description: malicious gossip

break a chair 36
Meaning: chatter unpleasant

break a reticulated 64
Translation of the dream: irritation and nervousness

break the shell 55
Interpretation: do knowledge pleasant

break the window 72
Sense of the dream: moments of acute tension

break the urn 74
What does it mean: false security

break a rake 43
Meaning of the dream: dangerous trip

tripping over a piece of furniture 23
Description: stubbornness and obstinacy

sell glasses 80
Interpretation of the dream: indecision about what to do

wear glasses 22
Translation: missed opportunity

extricate glasses 86
Dream description: dangerous quarrels with friends

glasses of beer 29
Meaning: busy life

glass or glasses 44
Translation of the dream: honesty transparency

break through the shoes 44
Interpretation: ill health

break something 25
Sense of the dream: period of nervousness

break a leg 26
What does it mean: methods to change

break down the oak 59
Meaning of the dream: lack of self-control

break a wedding favor 2
Description: some problems in love

break down a pillar 44
Interpretation of the dream: You win a person you thought invincible

break down a wall 10
Translation: period of discouragement

break down thieves 86
Dream description: blindness