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Stroking a big dog. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stroking a big dog. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

big dog 12
Meaning of the dream: love relationships

stroking money 18
Description: small difficulty

stroking a cat 47
Interpretation of the dream: concerns

stroking legs 6
Translation: unexpected pleasant

stroking her sister 21
Dream description: new forces

stroking an enemy 12
Meaning: happiness contrasted

stroking an animal 11
Translation of the dream: opposition to jealousy

stroking deaths 80
Interpretation: small talk

stroking his brother 12
Sense of the dream: Good news

stroking man 29
What does it mean: desire for freedom

pet the dog 19
Meaning of the dream: faithfulness

stroking wife 54
Description: difficulty

dog 6
Interpretation of the dream: do not forget your friends

big diamond 54
Translation: business in crisis

big pepper 39
Dream description: goodness of mind of the person from which you will derive aid

lamb big 9
Meaning: welcome event

barking dog 36
Translation of the dream: small delays

dog catcher who does not take the dog 16
Interpretation: amorous adventures

kill a dog 15
Sense of the dream: stubbornness dangerous

incite a dog 79
What does it mean: harassment of friends

ride a dog 47
Meaning of the dream: personal affirmation

candle big 83
Description: unnecessary worries

dog catcher who takes a dog 23
Interpretation of the dream: limited freedom

see a big pile of beet 2
Translation: you risk big business

Red Dog 27
Dream description: conclusion of business

large pot 43
Meaning: desire for love

white dog 23
Translation of the dream: promising start

black Dog 13
Interpretation: betrayal of friends

stray dog 50
Sense of the dream: lucrative job

stroking lover 17
What does it mean: businesses difficult

big boil 54
Meaning of the dream: claiming entitlement

blind dog 8
Description: interesting news

lost dog 41
Interpretation of the dream: need for serenity

small dog 21
Translation: financial worries

big nose 16
Dream description: charm and good relations

big snake 44
Meaning: deceptions hidden

big belly 73
Translation of the dream: realizable and gain

loin big man 31
Interpretation: fortress and offspring

dog sleeping 32
Sense of the dream: programs to be reviewed

quiet dog 15
What does it mean: you are near someone who protects you

healthy dog 17
Meaning of the dream: affection won

big tongue 45
Description: dangers that come from people friends or family

big flame 6
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassments

take a dog 30
Translation: professional concerns

big bird 39
Dream description: great fortune

caressing hands 43
Meaning: It feels the need to help a person

big 15
Translation of the dream: dangerous quarrels with elderly

big key 90
Interpretation: period of calm and wellbeing

twine big 42
Sense of the dream: commitments to maintain business

a dog barking unknown 70
What does it mean: threat of danger

sheep dog 60
Meaning of the dream: requited love

a dog with mange 40
Description: at advantageous

big bucket 84
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts surmountable