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Stretch long nails. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stretch long nails. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

long nails 87
Meaning of the dream: avarice

stretch 80
Description: you fall in bad temptations

stretch the garment 90
Interpretation of the dream: amorous deceptions

stretch a table 46
Translation: understanding between friends

stretch trousers 2
Dream description: interesting revelations

stretch the muscle 10
Meaning: you want to try your ability

a stretch satin 76
Translation of the dream: welcome gift

stretch the network 40
Interpretation: sudden sympathy

stretch fabrics 64
Sense of the dream: a lot of physical and mental energy

stretch a trap 68
What does it mean: bad speculations

stretch the ears 19
Meaning of the dream: Decision unthinking

stretch ropes 35
Description: low energy

stretch laces 48
Interpretation of the dream: disharmony in the family

stretch mark 60

blouse stretch 47

nails 25
Meaning: represent your emotional ties

see nails 22
Translation of the dream: are you happy to be popular among your friends

range shot, stretch 38
Interpretation: what do you always time well

stretch of dexterity or strength 3
Sense of the dream: joy, pleasant surprise

driving nails 37
What does it mean: you ll have new friends

remove nails 41
Meaning of the dream: You will break with a friend

Scissors for nails 16
Description: frequent moves

shoes with nails 10
Interpretation of the dream: efforts needed to be made

boots with nails 75
Translation: momentary uneasiness

pulling nails 5
Dream description: tough love

nails of hands 62
Meaning: duties to perform

white nails 46
Translation of the dream: good health

very short nails 78
Interpretation: melancholy

nails with enamel 54
Sense of the dream: mild illness

tear off nails 89
What does it mean: serious economic difficulties

cut their nails 84
Meaning of the dream: squabbling and moodiness

being cut nails 28
Description: loss

cut nails others 68
Interpretation of the dream: serious quarrels

straighten nails 1
Translation: you are very thoughtful

be long 6
Dream description: indecision in business

long way 34
Meaning: achievements to be defended

last long 4

long beard 52
Interpretation: luck in business

long sideburns 31
Sense of the dream: you re too authoritarian

long trousers 55
What does it mean: projects that are successful

long hair 81
Meaning of the dream: good luck

long hood 30
Description: sentimental romance

long eyelashes 15
Interpretation of the dream: happiness in family

long neck 65
Translation: sick passenger

long rope 69
Dream description: original ideas

long thighs 54
Meaning: gossip of friends