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Straw in the attic. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream straw in the attic. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

live in the attic 11
Meaning of the dream: love of family

go in the attic 34
Description: tenacious work

attic 21
Interpretation of the dream: It is too attached to the past not you a chance to see the exact needs of the present. The dreamer will have to react and look to the future not to lose friendships and money

chopped straw 17
Translation: economic concerns

attic clean 13
Dream description: you are rational

attic light 59
Meaning: original views

dark attic 42
Translation of the dream: imbalance nervous

attic inhabited 37
Interpretation: optimistic character

amass straw 11
Sense of the dream: events pleased

attic cluttered with furniture 19
What does it mean: you confused mind

sheaf of straw 11
Meaning of the dream: embarrassing situation

apartment in the attic 56
Description: Luckily the game

collect straw 84
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassing situation

see the attic 6
Translation: poverty

straw burning 23
Dream description: challenges to overcome

set fire to straw 56
Meaning: misfortune

attic with tiles 55
Translation of the dream: events pleasant and nice

rake the straw 2
Interpretation: trip postponed

sleeping on straw 80
Sense of the dream: ostentation

lay down on straw 45
What does it mean: lasting joy

lie down on the straw 75
Meaning of the dream: union serene

straw bundles 25
Description: setbacks and obstacles

straw cushion 26
Interpretation of the dream: reckless actions

straw rope 71
Translation: good novelty

fall in the straw 27
Dream description: prudence with neighbors

burn the straw 46
Meaning: dangerous business

load straw 80
Translation of the dream: a lot of movement

bundle of straw 86
Interpretation: penalty

straw braid 16
Sense of the dream: challenging decision

broom straw 49
What does it mean: gains that fade

turn the straw 21
Meaning of the dream: talk out of envy

armful of straw 15
Description: emotional complications

threshing with straw 6
Interpretation of the dream: honor deserved

straw hats 37
Translation: that appearances are deceiving

chair of straw 85
Dream description: new relationship

chapel of straw 29
Meaning: inventive spirit

fiasco without straw 65
Translation of the dream: risky business to avoid

straw mattress 64
Interpretation: Gain Process

layer of straw 52
Sense of the dream: trouble with relatives

straw hat 15
What does it mean: happiness in family

drinking straw 20
Meaning of the dream: watched by many people who are close

thatched hut 67
Description: good intentions

chaff 15
Interpretation of the dream: poverty, financial difficulties

flash in the pan 15
Translation: enthusiasms short

thatched roof 79
Dream description: displeasure passenger

live in a garret 34
Meaning: small misfortune

tame hay 17
Translation of the dream: good luck

mansard 56
Interpretation: estrus

hay in the barn 49
Sense of the dream: painful loss

lie down on the hay 52
What does it mean: Good news

wet hay 61
Meaning of the dream: deceptions hidden

burn hay 12
Description: safe returns

weigh hay 9
Interpretation of the dream: fascinating proposal