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Storing in an envelope. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream storing in an envelope. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

potatoes in envelope 54
Meaning of the dream: someone is hiding the truth

close an envelope 61
Description: New appointments

find an envelope 19
Interpretation of the dream: experience helpful

empty envelope 80
Translation: liberation from melancholy

envelope of letters 68
Dream description: passion reduced

white envelope 27
Meaning: useless information

envelope with money 4
Translation of the dream: tenacity in work

storing a harvest 67
Interpretation: luck in business

send a envelope 80
Sense of the dream: liveliness and energy

envelope with cards 16
What does it mean: awards undeserved

torn envelope 24
Meaning of the dream: great activities

receive a envelope 18
Description: sadness

envelope 3
Interpretation of the dream: passion reduced

storing silverware 76
Translation: precision work

bearer of the envelope 67
Dream description: secret reports

winter storage 41
Meaning: you have obligations that you dislike

storage of goods 87
Translation of the dream: important awards

storage of grain 12
Interpretation: waste of money

save the flag 14
Sense of the dream: arrival of a decisive help

store jealously 21
What does it mean: original ideas

storage area 56
Meaning of the dream: abandonment of a friend

close storage room 78
Description: repressed instincts

save a woman 14
Interpretation of the dream: deserved success

beautiful winter storage 37
Translation: melancholy and depression

save a friend 81
Dream description: economic benefits

save a feline 75
Meaning: you feel inadequate in some situation

save your strength 26
Translation of the dream: imprudence dangerous

save the sinking 12
Interpretation: good omen

save or be saved 10
Sense of the dream: you have many resources

custody of an altar 70
What does it mean: coherence in

dormer empty or used as storage 48
Meaning of the dream: hatred secret

supply of oil 10
Description: valid aid

store items 5
Interpretation of the dream: oddities mood

stocking 45
Translation: Good news

storage room 18
Dream description: unrealistic ideas

save 67
Meaning: you have many resources

payroll 37
Translation of the dream: help from relatives or friends

poultice 15
Interpretation: mild illness

paste envelopes 3
Sense of the dream: false position

put something in its place 86
What does it mean: good prospect of better times

buffer stock 82
Meaning of the dream: next meeting

stocking old 21
Description: slander on our behalf

folder lottery 64
Interpretation of the dream: uncontrolled shaking

folder with documents 11
Translation: expressions of sympathy

save a child 34
Dream description: sudden joy

save from drowning 47
Meaning: courage and humanity

arms wrapped 11
Translation of the dream: fraying of nerves

be saved 25
Interpretation: a reward you will come to cost a lot

stocking of the Epiphany 61
Sense of the dream: unfounded jealousy

closet with clothes 44
What does it mean: good practical sense

chilblains wrapped 74
Meaning of the dream: lie discovery

stocking handmade 1
Description: ideas to be implemented

daylight saving 29
Interpretation of the dream: waivers necessary