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Store important. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream store important. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

important dinner 10
Meaning of the dream: changing opinions

important request 12
Description: Discussions with relatives

important place 8
Interpretation of the dream: unrest and persecution

important case 88
Translation: increasing wealth

important card 8
Dream description: aspects of your character to improve

important task 33
Meaning: successful business

important decision 67
Translation of the dream: threat of damage

Important person 60
Interpretation: impatience

important clue 65
Sense of the dream: you want to be the center of attention

having a store 45
What does it mean: wrath

important business 64
Meaning of the dream: insult received

furnish a store 71
Description: pedantry in business

sublet a store 76
Interpretation of the dream: risky business

manage store 82
Translation: disputes

cashier store 85
Dream description: Lost Illusions

electronics store 8
Meaning: Gain Process

taken from a store 43
Translation of the dream: firmness and good will

department of a store 22
Interpretation: wise reflection

exit a store 44
Sense of the dream: conclusion of business

inaugurate a store 54
What does it mean: dangerous passion

enter the store 35
Meaning of the dream: a lot of effort for a project

tax store 32
Description: days of depression

expelled from the store 77
Interpretation of the dream: fickle spirit

change shop 35
Translation: unforeseen expenses

Store toys 6
Dream description: ambitions to be braked

apparel store 44
Meaning: happiness and luck

shop 35
Translation of the dream: Misunderstandings with your partner or with a partner

Fire shop 21
Interpretation: luck in business

shop furniture 76
Sense of the dream: friendly relations

open a shop 18
What does it mean: strange friendships

rob a shop 15
Meaning of the dream: pain and embarrassment

shop opened 52
Description: a visit welcome awaits you, great honor and favor

revive shop 77
Interpretation of the dream: commitments embarrassing

indicate shop 88
Translation: mission to accomplish

guardian shop 32
Dream description: considerable profit

bellhop shop 37
Meaning: critical

hardware store 3
Translation of the dream: right insights

whiten shop 23
Interpretation: prosperity of your business

store items 5
Sense of the dream: oddities mood

halfempty shop 11
What does it mean: period of sadness

antique shop 6
Meaning of the dream: danger trips

bottle shop 3
Description: unnecessary controversy

vegetable shop 78
Interpretation of the dream: poor luck

go out to the grocery store 78
Translation: attitudes decided

shop watches 90
Dream description: secret fear

rent a shop 36
Meaning: abundance or good business

enlarge shop 40
Translation of the dream: lack of spontaneity

pizza shop 10
Interpretation: discouragement to overcome

Starting up a shop 63
Sense of the dream: misfortune

the stationer's shop 40
What does it mean: sentimental crisis

close the shop 35
Meaning of the dream: resentment and bitterness

shop of umbrellas 7
Description: attachment to the habits

shop of spices 16
Interpretation of the dream: need for self-control

empty shop 43
Translation: reconciliation in sight

shop irons 3
Dream description: sadness for short-term