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Stop banned. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stop banned. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

stop banned 71
Meaning of the dream: quiet days

banned book 71
Description: many enemies

stop husband 60
Interpretation of the dream: fussiness useless

stop religious 8
Translation: enthusiasm for new projects

stop booked 10
Dream description: betrayal of love

stop sailor 88
Meaning: testimonies of affection

stop military 83
Translation of the dream: strong impressionability

stop a fugitive 66
Interpretation: excessive ingenuity

stop waitress 63
Sense of the dream: danger of strife and enmity, with loss of property

stop a robber 34
What does it mean: profits from new experiences

forbidden 55
Meaning of the dream: difficulty

stop a killer 67
Description: unnecessary risks

stop at the market 43
Interpretation of the dream: job that will not come never rewarded

stop alert 67
Translation: big profit

stop a person 85
Dream description: lively imagination

stop with friars 70
Meaning: broadmindedness

stop the train 15
Translation of the dream: superficiality of feelings

stop a horse 20
Interpretation: love for intrigue

stop 19
Sense of the dream: imprisonment

stop with children 12
What does it mean: delicate flavors

stop signal 20
Meaning of the dream: ambitious desires

stop bull 21
Description: you're looking to curb your instincts

stop up the mouth 64
Interpretation of the dream: cunning and mischief

obligatory stop 6
Translation: great emotions

stop with friends 50
Dream description: good cooperation

optional stop 45
Meaning: changing character

stopping in the countryside 78
Translation of the dream: full success in every engagement

stop up eyes 43
Interpretation: indecision and doubts

stop with women 26
Sense of the dream: lack of ambition

stop and look 32
What does it mean: distrust of others

forced stop 81
Meaning of the dream: prospects achievable

stop lover 9
Description: ostentation, pretty successful in your business

Missed stop 9
Interpretation of the dream: stubbornness and arrogance

stop with priests 16
Translation: business acumen

to stop at an angle 84
Dream description: little understanding in the family

stopping at the fair 89
Meaning: adventurous spirit

stop short 78
Translation of the dream: small concession to do

Do not stop 36
Interpretation: sentimental intrigue

passage prohibited 4
Sense of the dream: serious difficulties

tie, belt stop 19
What does it mean: anger, wrath

stop the car 62
Meaning of the dream: lack of firmness

stop Marshal 80
Description: unfastened, too diffident

make stop 68
Interpretation of the dream: reports to be reconnected

stopping in the mountains 55
Translation: desires and hopes

tram stop 36
Dream description: reserve and prudence

stop up 1
Meaning: you have taken an important decision

bus stop 70
Translation of the dream: successfully delayed

ban smoking 66
Interpretation: unexpected help

a law banning 64
Sense of the dream: Good news in the family

prohibited weapons 15
What does it mean: commitments to return

prohibited circulation 32
Meaning of the dream: reestablishment next

bandit hanged 75
Description: litigation

stopping place 86
Interpretation of the dream: new combination of work

wait at a bus stop 24
Translation: inability to fight

stop over 85
Dream description: imprisonment

operate a stop 80
Meaning: harmful relationships

train stop 51
Translation of the dream: Fortunately compromised