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Step on dry branches. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream step on dry branches. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

step on sand 15
Meaning of the dream: unsafe situation

step 11
Description: small obstacle

grasp branches 22
Interpretation of the dream: love happy

unsteady step 80
Translation: profitable experience

step woman 43
Dream description: desire for love

man's step 66
Meaning: inner dissatisfaction

step stumble 62
Translation of the dream: you will be temporarily locked

climb the step 68
Interpretation: intentions to keep

step close 56
Sense of the dream: some contrast

military step 37
What does it mean: lack of confidence

step on a flower bed 78
Meaning of the dream: constant affection

step broken 88
Description: dangerous mistakes

tripping over the step 42
Interpretation of the dream: self-doubt

step on the plate 81
Translation: actions to be performed

church step 88
Dream description: Company fortunate

dry seeds 54
Meaning: good prospects

dry hands 3
Translation of the dream: false

altar step 77
Interpretation: unnecessary problems

Animal step 3
Sense of the dream: concerns work

dry tomatoes 54
What does it mean: hostility to fight

see candles, branches or trees of fire 87
Meaning of the dream: war, infertility, accident

step off 9
Description: good health

step children 21
Interpretation of the dream: loss of a friend

step high 11
Translation: physical fatigue

the step down 42
Dream description: slander

dry greaves 46
Meaning: a happy event will bring joy in family

take an extraordinary step 19
Translation of the dream: You reap the fruits of your labor

step over a stream 50
Interpretation: sudden rise

dry walnuts 21
Sense of the dream: physical endurance

stone step 74
What does it mean: efforts to be made

pivotal stride 36
Meaning of the dream: lack of generosity

heaping dry leaves 83
Description: you sighted

overcome the step 62
Interpretation of the dream: path difficult but you can do it

the step of wood 18
Translation: interests thwarted

step change 57
Dream description: false news

pasta 19
Meaning: healthy intuition

Dry leaves 36
Translation of the dream: diseases

dry prairie 31
Interpretation: health hazard

dry eyes 81
Sense of the dream: misdeeds suffered

dry creek 43
What does it mean: lack of practicality

rhinoceros dry 81
Meaning of the dream: pugnacity

Dried lupins 22
Description: instability and restlessness

dried mushrooms 50
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen obstacles

step over an obstacle 18
Translation: distrust in the near

dried figs 90
Dream description: disappointing experience

step away 23
Meaning: insincerity, treachery of a friend

hazelnut dry 10
Translation of the dream: too much to chance

hedge dry 42
Interpretation: economic concerns

dry codfish 50
Sense of the dream: triumph over opposition

dry fire 46
What does it mean: to clarify misunderstandings

field of step 76
Meaning of the dream: your happiness is lasting

red lips dry 31
Description: hard time

mauve dry 18
Interpretation of the dream: goal reached

see a dry fir 18
Translation: heartache