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Steal potatoes in the cellar. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream steal potatoes in the cellar. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

potatoes in envelope 54
Meaning of the dream: someone is hiding the truth

floured potatoes 31
Description: visits boring

embark potatoes 37
Interpretation of the dream: complicated situation

Boil potatoes 35
Translation: Fortunately variable

buy potatoes 65
Dream description: job performance

eat potatoes 6
Meaning: physical endurance

unearth potatoes 38
Translation of the dream: luck and win in each case

potatoes in the field 82
Interpretation: happy hours and serene

hanged in the cellar 21
Sense of the dream: success in personal problems

Ant in the cellar 6
What does it mean: actions thin

peeling potatoes 6
Meaning of the dream: dreamed for men is joy satisfaction and health. He dreamed Women's jealousy

moldy cellar 12
Description: sentimental conquests

sliced ​​potatoes 80
Interpretation of the dream: money lent

planting potatoes 29
Translation: serenity

go down to the cellar 57
Dream description: physical depression

sprouting of potatoes 71
Meaning: serious discord

omelet with potatoes 57
Translation of the dream: honor deserved

kid with potatoes 56
Interpretation: unexpected conclusion

boiled potatoes 32
Sense of the dream: satisfactions by a son

stew with potatoes 61
What does it mean: excellent economic rewards

pasta with potatoes 38
Meaning of the dream: caution and watch out for enemies

seasoned potatoes 10
Description: low activity

peel potatoes 6
Interpretation of the dream: honesty and integrity

soup with potatoes 61
Translation: mild illness

fry potatoes 60
Dream description: optimism and enthusiasm

steal stole 88
Meaning: wrongs to be repaired

steal 11
Translation of the dream: quarrelsome

large potatoes 17
Interpretation: return of money

meatloaf with potatoes 45
Sense of the dream: support their opinion not always be easy, especially in family or with your partner

steal chickens 87
What does it mean: projects contrasted

steal necklace 44
Meaning of the dream: failure and damage

steal bracelet 43
Description: trip thwarted

steal topaz 7
Interpretation of the dream: waivers to do

steal coins 26
Translation: threatening disease

steal spending 10
Dream description: inconstancy

steal emerald 7
Meaning: waivers to do

trapdoor to the cellar 65
Translation of the dream: lack of objectivity

steal a car 56
Interpretation: intrigue secrets

steal parents 19
Sense of the dream: serious difficulties

small potatoes 29
What does it mean: momentary embarrassment

steal a fork 86
Meaning of the dream: disharmony in the family

steal the coupon 42
Description: failures in negotiations

It rotates with potatoes 18
Interpretation of the dream: profitable activities

steal the gem 29
Translation: serious tension

steal the bicycle 18
Dream description: exaggerated passive resignation

steal the bag 41
Meaning: family trouble

steal a ruby 7
Translation of the dream: waivers to do

steal the cow 54
Interpretation: squabbles interest

whitewashing cellar 65
Sense of the dream: liveliness

stealing grapes 55
What does it mean: mood swings

steal in church 13
Meaning of the dream: aspirations failed

stealing fruit 13
Description: Strange Adventures