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Statue of canvas. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream statue of canvas. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

usher statue 88
Meaning of the dream: labor, persecution

Statue of leg 65
Description: jealousy

broken statue 7
Interpretation of the dream: heartbreak

ancient statue 67
Translation: Next Adventure

statue 55
Dream description: Loving deception

equestrian statue 65
Meaning: new knowledge

Clay Statue 12
Translation of the dream: clear ideas and decided

marble statue 27
Interpretation: great self-control

holy statue 6
Sense of the dream: honors at home

statue of the Virgin Mary 33
What does it mean: important protection

canvas suitcase 10
Meaning of the dream: joyful events

bronze statue 1
Description: willingness weakened

chiselling a statue 18
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness of jealousy

gum canvas 6
Translation: prosperity

gild a statue 43
Dream description: rewarded by your project

canvas trunk 47
Meaning: make sure your future

Column with statue 3
Translation of the dream: money

canvas for mattresses 86
Interpretation: great satisfaction

restore a statue 46
Sense of the dream: supports useful

sculpt a statue 18
What does it mean: ability to donate

waxed canvas 8
Meaning of the dream: business unclear and dangerous

deface a statue 21
Description: litigation

Flap canvas 48
Interpretation of the dream: source of income that fades

base with statue 14
Translation: hopes and failures

canvas 34
Dream description: Good news

handkerchief canvas 51
Meaning: deception of friends

webbing canvas 7
Translation of the dream: success and well-being

Indian canvas 79
Interpretation: luck in love

hoop canvas 22
Sense of the dream: Pulse wild

Ecce homo statue 25
What does it mean: dangerous business

canvas trousers 65
Meaning of the dream: recognized merit

chaplet canvas 4
Description: expenses limit

byssus canvas 50
Interpretation of the dream: precision work

canvas packing 27
Translation: events pleased

canvas for sails 38
Dream description: trip possible

volume in canvas 5
Meaning: ties secrets

easel with canvas 65
Translation of the dream: remarkable progress

trade satin canvas or velvet 83
Interpretation: joy and profit

bound with canvas 14
Sense of the dream: relationships

image on canvas 40
What does it mean: fights for an ideal

spider that makes the canvas 67
Meaning of the dream: momentary satisfaction

sketches on canvas 4
Description: false confidences

painting on canvas 31
Interpretation of the dream: advantageous purchases

gild statues 59
Translation: success in work

worship statues 50
Dream description: restlessness bad business

chaise longue 31
Meaning: hopes

statues of saints 84
Translation of the dream: happiness and honors

photographing statues 42
Interpretation: health

striped cloth 70
Sense of the dream: difficulties to be faced

colored cloth 32
What does it mean: news untrusted

foundry statues 70
Meaning of the dream: you will have to hurry to make a solution

staircase with statues 28
Description: lively imagination

group of statues 17
Interpretation of the dream: love relationships

gallery with statues 52
Translation: pleasant meetings

linen cloth 41
Dream description: economic benefits

thin cloth 61
Meaning: waste of money

tarpaulin 16
Translation of the dream: abundance and personal fulfillment

Bust of man 86
Interpretation: bad intentions

bust of woman 68
Sense of the dream: male admiration

plaster bust 84
What does it mean: happiness in love