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Statue breaks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream statue breaks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ace breaks 17
Meaning of the dream: secret desires

holy statue 6
Description: honors at home

ancient statue 67
Interpretation of the dream: Next Adventure

broken statue 7
Translation: heartbreak

chiselling a statue 18
Dream description: restlessness of jealousy

gild a statue 43
Meaning: rewarded by your project

statue 55
Translation of the dream: Loving deception

Column with statue 3
Interpretation: money

ampoule breaks 25
Sense of the dream: provocation of friends

statue of the Virgin Mary 33
What does it mean: important protection

bronze statue 1
Meaning of the dream: willingness weakened

restore a statue 46
Description: supports useful

sculpt a statue 18
Interpretation of the dream: ability to donate

deface a statue 21
Translation: litigation

dentures that breaks 61
Dream description: unusual happenings

usher statue 88
Meaning: labor, persecution

base with statue 14
Translation of the dream: hopes and failures

Clay Statue 12
Interpretation: clear ideas and decided

marble statue 27
Sense of the dream: great self-control

Statue of leg 65
What does it mean: jealousy

equestrian statue 65
Meaning of the dream: new knowledge

barrel breaks 26
Description: passion accentuated

Ecce homo statue 25
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous business

carousel that breaks 80
Translation: bodes ill

winch that breaks 22
Dream description: practical spirit

gild statues 59
Meaning: success in work

photographing statues 42
Translation of the dream: health

worship statues 50
Interpretation: restlessness bad business

foundry statues 70
Sense of the dream: you will have to hurry to make a solution

staircase with statues 28
What does it mean: lively imagination

group of statues 17
Meaning of the dream: love relationships

gallery with statues 52
Description: pleasant meetings

statues of saints 84
Interpretation of the dream: happiness and honors

statuette 66
Translation: capacity not yet expressed

bronze bust 65
Dream description: good omens

bronze sculpture 90
Meaning: lucky in love

break the silence 70
Translation of the dream: decisions, courage

tore up 70
Interpretation: slander, libel

idols 22
Sense of the dream: malice by someone important

idolatry 2
What does it mean: restlessness, bad business

idolater 49
Meaning of the dream: arrival of a loved one

sculpture 52
Description: dangerous business

colossus 11
Interpretation of the dream: ruin next

caryatid 90
Translation: broadmindedness

idols of silver 70
Dream description: moodiness

golden idols 7
Meaning: jealousy absurd

wooden idols 6
Translation of the dream: prudence with a friend

worshiping idols 50
Interpretation: bitter disappointment

breaking hazelnuts 32
Sense of the dream: concerns

marble sculpture 42
What does it mean: excessive voltage

break the ice 31
Meaning of the dream: poor luck in love

break ears 74
Description: entry money

buy sculpture 17
Interpretation of the dream: expenses to be addressed

idol re insecure 22
Translation: shy

basin broken 60
Dream description: risk of theft

bayonet broken 7
Meaning: sorrows by employees

inkstand broken 21
Translation of the dream: indecision

fitting broken 87
Interpretation: recognition of merit

Host broken 32
Sense of the dream: sorrows serious

chisel broken 81
What does it mean: misunderstandings with relatives

torch broken 62
Meaning of the dream: suction disappointed

conducted broken 70
Description: attention to bad friends