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Stand on a lake. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stand on a lake. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ship on the lake 31
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

boat on the lake 53
Description: to avoid provocations

rowing on the lake 48
Interpretation of the dream: nervous tension

drown in lake 5
Translation: difficult issues to be resolved

fish in the lake 77
Dream description: uncontrolled shots

bathe in the lake 61
Meaning: slight indisposition

stand on a wall 67
Translation of the dream: financial backers

fall in the lake 40
Interpretation: bad intentions

lake 13
Sense of the dream: inner peace

wave lake 5
What does it mean: character lazy

fathom a lake 27
Meaning of the dream: clear ideas

cross a lake 80
Description: affirmations work

lake threatening 62
Interpretation of the dream: strenuous activity and negative

be boating on the lake 15
Translation: prestige rising

camping on the lake 3
Dream description: corrections to be made

lake view 45
Meaning: friendships safe

stand on a ledge 67
Translation of the dream: projects that are realized

big lake 60
Interpretation: correspondence interesting

tranquil lake 10
Sense of the dream: request for guarantees

small lake 19
What does it mean: prudence in speech

overflow of the lake 53
Meaning of the dream: clumsiness

artificial lake 54
Description: big news

jump in the lake 2
Interpretation of the dream: courage in action

stand on a rope 48
Translation: inner resources

lake in storm 27
Dream description: inconsistency in decisions

stand on the windowsill 8
Meaning: tendency to exaggeration

hut at the lake 55
Translation of the dream: unforeseen events

throw yourself into the lake 42
Interpretation: great pain

camp by the lake 46
Sense of the dream: inner conflicts

stand on a stick 31
What does it mean: bewilderment

lake front 56
Meaning of the dream: You would break out some patterns in your life

stand on a ladder 62
Description: personal success

lakeshore 20
Interpretation of the dream: sudden anger

stand in the stalls 34
Translation: issues to be resolved

stand at the border 7
Dream description: adaptability to circumstances

stand at the window 76
Meaning: next trip

stand in the clearing 8
Translation of the dream: clear intelligence

stand under the willow 31
Interpretation: moral suffering

stand sentry 84
Sense of the dream: secret fears

stand in line 48
What does it mean: time travel

stand belly 33
Meaning of the dream: scarce possibilities

stand in the limelight 22
Description: poor self-control

stand on stilts 6
Interpretation of the dream: pitfalls to overcome

stand to an arm 13
Translation: doubts and uncertainties

stand at the door 18
Dream description: nervous tension

stand under an oak 70
Meaning: prosperity and good health

stand tools 9
Translation of the dream: confidential

stand up to a test 80
Interpretation: perseverance in action

stand in the way someone 64
Sense of the dream: mental conditioning

stand up to comparison 10
What does it mean: adventurous spirit

stand 50
Meaning of the dream: do not forget your neighbor in need

stand up 24
Description: good choice

eat standing 2
Interpretation of the dream: too hasty actions

remain standing 80
Translation: favors from a woman