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Stalls parties. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stalls parties. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

watching the stalls 33
Meaning of the dream: Pending disappointed

stand in the stalls 34
Description: issues to be resolved

gangrene more body parts 13
Interpretation of the dream: work and numerous family

feel hurt or pain in body parts 54
Translation: long health

prepare flowerbed 61
Dream description: fatigue from which you ll get satisfaction

cash share 72
Meaning: Critical to Avoid

audience of a cinema 50
Translation of the dream: apprehension for business

audience of a theater 70
Interpretation: false mirages

share heritage 15
Sense of the dream: possible realizations

share litigants 29
What does it mean: Deception woman

celebrations 88
Meaning of the dream: joyfulness

share stolen goods 37
Description: friction to chamfer

share climb high 27
Interpretation of the dream: Love Battle

adhere to a party 18
Translation: vanity

expelled from party 5
Dream description: new exciting ideas

Wood match impregnated with sulfur 47
Meaning: you are very loved

be in a party and dance 53
Translation of the dream: joy and earnings

wish you happy holidays 64
Interpretation: indiscreet revelations

flowering place for party or recurrence 88
Sense of the dream: incoming letter very useful for you

party 20
What does it mean: yearn for fun

revels 48
Meaning of the dream: joy of short duration, tightening of character

flower stall 5
Description: anxious temperament

be quarantined 68
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels and ruptures

clothes stall 4
Translation: do not let induce chatter

losing their jobs 50
Dream description: Councils concerned

audience full 11
Meaning: important news

irons tents 59
Translation of the dream: talk to women

empty auditorium 1
Interpretation: affirmation difficult

colorful tent 33
Sense of the dream: modest life

celebration of festivals 53
What does it mean: greater relaxation

field tent 19
Meaning of the dream: Understanding sentimental

castrated genitals 15
Description: you feel stressed

extract from the lot 7
Interpretation of the dream: good sense

cover the genitals 10
Translation: moral support

military tent 67
Dream description: ambitions to be braked

Lot size 62
Meaning: easy conquest

policy of the lot 42
Translation of the dream: ambitious desires

people in party 76
Interpretation: pleasant meeting

extraction of the lot 69
Sense of the dream: good business

many tents in a campsite 59
What does it mean: cheerfulness

sale 31
Meaning of the dream: benevolence won

Retail 59
Description: need commitment

belonging to the Communist Party 77
Interpretation of the dream: business view

party animal 10
Translation: late news

emblem of a political party 6
Dream description: constancy in work

genitals exposed to public view 81
Meaning: next punishment of your crimes

join a party 13
Translation of the dream: favors required

masked party 9
Interpretation: crushes

supporting part 70
Sense of the dream: Exchange of Letters

selling bread 90
What does it mean: great activities

put on sale 2
Meaning of the dream: dangerous temptations