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Stage collapse. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stage collapse. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

economic collapse 90
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

collapse 42
Description: bad omen

physical collapse 51
Interpretation of the dream: disease

seeing the collapse of an institution 58
Translation: your certainties have collapsed

stage to the authorities 63
Dream description: interesting discoveries

collapse of a tree 87
Meaning: accidents

consternation to a collapse 20
Translation of the dream: compromising relationship

Stage railing 41
Interpretation: psychological stress

scenic stage 14
Sense of the dream: seeking pleasures

proscenium stage 18
What does it mean: missed opportunity

collapsing chimney 86
Meaning of the dream: incomprehension and misunderstandings

thrown from the stage 82
Description: gossip that will displease

stage 5
Interpretation of the dream: It will be at the center of judgments little benevolent, slander

forefront of a stage 39
Translation: agreement thwarted

singer on stage 56
Dream description: you're trying to understand your ideas to someone

speaker on stage 59
Meaning: obstacles with authorities

mayor on stage 70
Translation of the dream: new ideals

soprano on stage 36
Interpretation: uncertain situation

Democrat on stage 35
Sense of the dream: small woes

being on stage 74
What does it mean: jealousy and contrasts

exposing himself on stage 8
Meaning of the dream: obstacles

mime on stage 19
Description: right judgment

internship 40
Interpretation of the dream: you need so much energy to complete a project

stage director 71
Translation: combative nature

theater stage 9
Dream description: bitter experiences

actor on the scene 55
Meaning: harassment

collapsed from exhaustion 67
Translation of the dream: watched by friends

plunging from a bridge 40
Interpretation: difficult relationships

field of step 76
Sense of the dream: your happiness is lasting

overcome the step 62
What does it mean: path difficult but you can do it

scene 64
Meaning of the dream: talk inconclusive

pleasant scene 7
Description: regret late

unpleasant scene 80
Interpretation of the dream: new possibilities

the Nativity Scene 88
Translation: are you happy in love

touching scene 18
Dream description: repairable error

theater scene 62
Meaning: economic mediocrity

violent scene 18
Translation of the dream: fatality accentuated

tragic scene 68
Interpretation: reveries unnecessary

drunken scene 86
Sense of the dream: wrong settings

make a scene 10
What does it mean: advice from an elderly person

photograph the scene 8
Meaning of the dream: strong vitality

draw the scene 17
Description: sudden trip

cause the scene 64
Interpretation of the dream: fickleness of feelings

mount the scene 56
Translation: intrigue hidden

witness a scene 78
Dream description: protections influential

watch a scene 86
Meaning: ideas to be implemented

scene between women 75
Translation of the dream: important events

scene between men 14
Interpretation: revenge and satisfaction

scene between lovers 38
Sense of the dream: difficult days

tenor on the scene 54
What does it mean: doubts and uncertainties

tier 7
Meaning of the dream: Fortunately trips

whistle the stadium 72
Description: great future

Stadium box office 78
Interpretation of the dream: infirmity