Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Stab. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: stab

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stab someone 25
Meaning of the dream: defend yourself from an attack

stab 18
Dream Interpretation: avoid impulsive gestures or words

to see stab someone 21
Meanings of dreams: art tormented by a rivalry in love

stab someone with a weapon 18
Dream Interpretations: economic difficulties and meetings unwelcome

receiving a stab 2
What does this mean: alarming news

give a stab 77
What does it mean: triumph over enemies

stab a person known 84
Meaning of the dream: temporary irritation

stab in the belly 72
Dream Interpretation: reckless actions

stab in the heart 65

stab in the back 87

stab wound to the chest 79

administering a stable 6
Meaning of the dream: lack of courage

donkey in the stable 16
Dream Interpretation: disturbing news

ox in the stable 15
Meanings of dreams: desire to escape

horse in the stable 19
Dream Interpretations: prosperity honest

establish conditions 35
What does this mean: contempt of danger

stable equilibrium 26
What does it mean: intense activity

unstable equilibrium 63
Meaning of the dream: long-term projects

stabbed treacherously 33
Dream Interpretation: concerns on the rise

stabbed by a stranger 22
Meanings of dreams: prejudices unnecessary

stabbed a stranger 35
Dream Interpretations: secret intentions

stabbed by known person 12
What does this mean: damage and losses

stabbed in the chest 64
What does it mean: commitments to be taken

stabbed in the arm 11
Meaning of the dream: sorrow for a child

stabbed in the leg 48
Dream Interpretation: unfair competition

fatal stabbing 80
Meanings of dreams: good health

establish the rule 70
Dream Interpretations: envy and jealousy

re-establish the truth 80
What does this mean: lucky events

stable 25
What does it mean: prosperity honest

stable empty 35
Meaning of the dream: betrayed promises

stable with horses 5
Dream Interpretation: hopes and ideals

clean the stables 65
Meanings of dreams: ambitions fulfilled

open the stable 21
Dream Interpretations: excellent prospects

close the stable 5
What does this mean: tormenting suspicions

build stable 19
What does it mean: imaginative projects

visit the stables 31
Meaning of the dream: enthusiastically

stable with mules 63
Dream Interpretation: difficulties in business

stable with donkeys 20
Meanings of dreams: satisfaction in family

empty stable 75
Dream Interpretations: economic difficulties

putting animals in the stable 49
What does this mean: ambition and satisfaction

closing the stable door 16
What does it mean: errors of judgment

establishment 12
Meaning of the dream: sizes future

visit an establishment 41
Dream Interpretation: relations should not be overlooked

be stabbed 49
Meanings of dreams: a person who can not see for a long time to get sorrows

stabbed by woman 21

stabbed by the enemy 26

stabbed by a relative 83

stabbed jealousy 30

stabbed in revenge 84

establish itself 10

establish itself in love 16

establish itself in the work 45

student of establishment 1

closed stable 84

of establishment closure 3

instability 53

incontestable 42