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Spouses trouble. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream spouses trouble. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

removal of spouses 29
Meaning of the dream: there is no peace or serenity to face life, you will want to escape from a painful situation

bed with spouses 63
Description: decrease of vitality

obtaining trouble 42
Interpretation of the dream: willpower

away from spouses 29
Translation: disappointments in love

Division of spouses 63
Dream description: cheating dangerous

extricate herself out of trouble 48
Meaning: payout within a short time

peace between spouses 77
Translation of the dream: pipe dreams

alcove with spouses 15
Interpretation: dynamism accentuated

matter between spouses 4
Sense of the dream: lack of generosity

altercation between spouses 43
What does it mean: talk to women

having back trouble 76
Meaning of the dream: health concerns

discord between spouses 75
Description: tightening of relations

sacristy with spouses 82
Interpretation of the dream: encouraging results

pass a trouble 17
Translation: valuable advice

get rid of a trouble 86
Dream description: fitness

aside problems 8
Meaning: distrust of the next

suffer for troubles 47
Translation of the dream: serenity of spirit

problem 2
Interpretation: distrust of the next

bother 17
Sense of the dream: It will switch place

reprimand the spouse 84
What does it mean: expenses to control

banish woes 54
Meaning of the dream: you have obligations that you dislike

causing annoyance 18
Description: fake friends

anger or displeasure 17
Interpretation of the dream: disturbing thoughts

love their husbands 81
Translation: possibility of new jobs

celebrate marry 58
Dream description: heightened emotionality

starting married 83
Meaning: affirmation slow but sure

married couple 21
Translation of the dream: exaggerated alarmism

hugs married 28
Interpretation: curiosity

meeting newlyweds 6
Sense of the dream: help to be given to a relative

companion 37
What does it mean: laziness and poverty

stumbling stones 56
Meaning of the dream: Next satisfaction

wrong problem 51
Description: commitments to maintain

trouble breathing 6
Interpretation of the dream: freedom from envy

problem solved 24
Translation: moves unexpectedly

unsolved problem 39
Dream description: stormy love life

troubled in the head 59
Meaning: infirmity

key to the problem 5
Translation of the dream: good luck

arrival of newlyweds 19
Interpretation: good health

lying to the spouse 18
Sense of the dream: achievements inaccessible

dissolve a problem 52
What does it mean: inconstancy in friendship

fellow student 43
Meaning of the dream: change the way we live

solve a problem 18
Description: initiative and momentum

fallow deer 90
Interpretation of the dream: Good news

Math Problem 13
Translation: financial worries

result of a problem 34
Dream description: inner serenity

celibacy 43
Meaning: serious concerns

good companion 70
Translation of the dream: generous enthusiasm

bad companion 68
Interpretation: wrong operations

fellow soldier 11
Sense of the dream: opposition in family

dirty companion 53
What does it mean: thwarted love

lifebelt 33
Meaning of the dream: sadness passing

first mate 25
Description: you are responsible for many people

asphyxiated with charcoal 53
Interpretation of the dream: program changes

faithful companion 55
Translation: self confidence

fellow prisoner 26
Dream description: next trip

comrade crazy 45
Meaning: need to escape

troubled by bad weather 89
Translation of the dream: trap