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Split nuts. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream split nuts. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

split 35
Meaning of the dream: Breaking with something that hinders us

slot or split 25
Description: joy and delight

split the rock 8
Interpretation of the dream: aridity sentimental

split marble 1
Translation: hidden enemies

trunk split 64
Dream description: problems to be solved

tree nuts 17
Meaning: contentment for money

bagged nuts 7
Translation of the dream: concerns for the job

crush nuts 58
Interpretation: luck changing

eating nuts 71
Sense of the dream: ties happy

crack nuts 26
What does it mean: self-confidence

shell nuts 53
Meaning of the dream: new social relations

essence of nuts 20

breaking nuts 21

Basket with nuts 70

cartridge case from nuts 65

chop with pine nuts 41

crumple chestnuts 38
Translation of the dream: happy future

accept splitting firewood 88
Interpretation: contrasts

smoked chestnuts 35
Sense of the dream: quarrels

to roast the chestnuts 60
What does it mean: revenge satisfied

boil chestnuts 40
Meaning of the dream: wise reflections

bag of chestnuts 60
Description: good business

chestnuts 28
Interpretation of the dream: luck and win in each case

boiled chestnuts 78
Translation: coherence in

roasted chestnuts 31
Dream description: satisfactions and gains

dried chestnuts 75
Meaning: resistance to work

fresh chestnuts 61
Translation of the dream: exceptional news

buy chestnuts 6
Interpretation: unnecessary waiting

sell chestnuts 39
Sense of the dream: readiness to act

eat chestnuts 60
What does it mean: economic benefits

peel chestnuts 16
Meaning of the dream: events pleased

walnuts 24
Description: abundance, profit

fresh walnuts 11
Interpretation of the dream: tenacious rancor

dry walnuts 21
Translation: physical endurance

pan for chestnuts 48
Dream description: thwarted love

36 - Smorfia classic: chestnuts 36

Saints splint 2
Translation of the dream: a special message was given to you from the spiritual realm

splinter 24
Interpretation: petty and trivial things that disturb

wood splinter 2
Sense of the dream: minor accident

have a splinter in your finger 48
What does it mean: refund money

drying chestnuts 62
Meaning of the dream: bad speculations

shell hazelnuts 58
Description: malicious gossip

shell chestnuts 27
Interpretation of the dream: good health

splitting a table 19
Translation: uncertain job

splint 86
Dream description: concerns

wooden splint 15
Meaning: excessive scruples

splint bone 85
Translation of the dream: magnanimity and intelligence

splint fan 42
Interpretation: sensitivity

hazelnuts 35
Sense of the dream: small annoyances

eat hazelnuts 19
What does it mean: suffer in silence

see many hazelnuts 55
Meaning of the dream: you have several concerns

chestnuts burned 43

glazed chestnuts 2

green chestnuts 8

splice teeth 44

splice hare 53

splice man 54

splice 44

bake donuts 60

handful of chestnuts 89

basket with chestnuts 66

string of chestnuts 62

oven with donuts 40

breaking hazelnuts 32

dunking donuts 65

dough for donuts 65

gather chestnuts 69