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Spitting diamonds. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream spitting diamonds. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see diamonds 28
Meaning of the dream: enormous damage

eat diamonds 2
Description: losses, wrath

find diamonds 34
Interpretation of the dream: loss

Earrings with diamonds 73
Translation: hypocrisy of relatives

clasp with diamonds 48
Dream description: Fortunately hampered

chalice with diamonds 84
Meaning: offers promising

diamonds 24
Translation of the dream: false appearance of fortune

tiara with diamonds 2
Interpretation: timidity and indecision

cross with diamonds 67
Sense of the dream: good novelty in the work

clip with diamonds 48
What does it mean: emotional sensitivity

bracelet with diamonds 2
Meaning of the dream: narrow escape

king of diamonds 71
Description: speculation profitable

interlocking diamonds 72
Interpretation of the dream: vivid pain

nuptial ring with diamonds 7
Translation: sensitive nature

ace of diamonds 67
Dream description: voltage

Diamond Necklace 46
Meaning: litigation

spit 73
Translation of the dream: malice and slander

stealing diamond 12
Interpretation: source of income that fades

spit rusty 20
Sense of the dream: accommodating nature

spit with chickens 21
What does it mean: many disputes

spit with birds 39
Meaning of the dream: serious enmities

buy diamond 70
Description: waste of money

interlocking brilliant 63
Interpretation of the dream: harmony

diamond couple 51
Translation: to curb impulsiveness

spit fire 56
Dream description: dangerous risks

spit the pill 35
Meaning: feel useless the advice you are given

spit running 74
Translation of the dream: dissensions jealousy

brilliant mounted 72
Interpretation: aggressive manifestations

fake diamond 18
Sense of the dream: waste of money

diamond set in gold 45
What does it mean: requited love

spit in the face 7
Meaning of the dream: unnecessary waiting

splutter 21
Description: malice and slander

spit lung 9
Interpretation of the dream: suffer losses

spit out the core 84
Translation: waste the true personality of your partner

spit on the ground 78
Dream description: negative experience

shining necklace 32
Meaning: pleasant adventures

brilliant button 80
Translation of the dream: gift on arrival

donate a brilliant 86
Interpretation: falsehood and hypocrisy of relatives

drawer with bright 79
Sense of the dream: clumsiness

brilliant giving 76
What does it mean: better future

panel in bright 45
Meaning of the dream: moodiness and nervousness

expensive brilliant 77
Description: astuteness in business

sell a brilliant 57
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties in work

find a bright 20
Translation: sorrows in family

shining on her finger 62
Dream description: situation fairly quiet

bracelet with bright 82
Meaning: inconstancy

buy brilliant 27
Translation of the dream: economic difficulties

brilliant Stolen 7
Interpretation: need for waivers

big diamond 54
Sense of the dream: business in crisis

breathe fire mouth 26
What does it mean: danger of drowning

brilliant 64
Meaning of the dream: Power and joys coming

spew insults 71
Description: physical fatigue and nervousness

spit with meat 3
Interpretation of the dream: secret desires

receiving a brilliant 71
Translation: illusions of short duration