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Spit false teeth. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream spit false teeth. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

false teeth 32
Meaning of the dream: professional problems

losing his false teeth 15
Description: measures to be taken

spit 73
Interpretation of the dream: malice and slander

roasting spit 28
Translation: loss of a friend

spit lung 9
Dream description: suffer losses

spit out the core 84
Meaning: waste the true personality of your partner

spit the pill 35
Translation of the dream: feel useless the advice you are given

spit fire 56
Interpretation: dangerous risks

spit running 74
Sense of the dream: dissensions jealousy

spit rusty 20
What does it mean: accommodating nature

spit with chickens 21
Meaning of the dream: many disputes

spit with meat 3
Description: secret desires

spit with birds 39
Interpretation of the dream: serious enmities

spit on the ground 78
Translation: negative experience

spit in the face 7
Dream description: unnecessary waiting

teeth 4
Meaning: symbol of sexual power

beautiful teeth 35
Translation of the dream: gradual improvement

bad teeth 20
Interpretation: misunderstandings in family

teeth hurt 41
Sense of the dream: postponements and delays

white teeth 1
What does it mean: lucky fate

Yellow teeth 56
Meaning of the dream: loss of relatives or friends

fake teeth 35
Description: lack of sincerity

teeth of animals 90
Interpretation of the dream: good health

brush your teeth 1
Translation: donations from relatives

long teeth 38
Dream description: depression and melancholy

eradicate more teeth 33
Meaning: difficult situations

talking between his teeth 24
Translation of the dream: vanity wound

comb with all teeth 30
Interpretation: business difficult to solve

clean teeth 70
Sense of the dream: good new home

headache of teeth 90
What does it mean: disease

rake without teeth 80
Meaning of the dream: lost happiness

cut with teeth 16
Description: threat of damage

brush for teeth 10
Interpretation of the dream: emotional bonds to strengthen

rip off your teeth 26
Translation: collapse of your security

sick of teeth 5
Dream description: marriage, inheritance, profitable business

black teeth 14
Meaning: external protection

perfect teeth 88
Translation of the dream: travel plans

splice teeth 44
Interpretation: missed opportunity

Fluxion of teeth 35
Sense of the dream: attention to the coming dangers

rising teeth 35
What does it mean: sudden obstacle

comb missing teeth 18
Meaning of the dream: fill in a complex situation

false 77
Description: inconstancy

take a false name 81
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous lack of reflection

given false 42
Translation: uncontrolled reactions

adultery false 68
Dream description: aid not required

false claims 83
Meaning: serenity fictitious

false alarm 4
Translation of the dream: liberation from melancholy

false friend 67
Interpretation: support to be given to an elderly