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Spider on the ceiling. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream spider on the ceiling. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

spider on the ceiling 36
Meaning of the dream: Successes and personal satisfaction

gecko on the ceiling 39
Description: protection of their family

spider on him 11
Interpretation of the dream: selfish concerns

spider on the wall 83
Translation: important letters

dead spider 61
Dream description: victory over an enemy

spider crushed 76
Meaning: inability to deal with problems

spider 88
Translation of the dream: quarrels, discussions

cobweb with the spider 30
Interpretation: danger of exploitation

spider weaving 84
Sense of the dream: hidden enemies

spider in the bed 39
What does it mean: intransigence exaggerated

Spider day 39
Meaning of the dream: trouble with superiors

spider at night 18
Description: money coming

spider leg 44
Interpretation of the dream: obstinacy and stubbornness

Spider sea 81
Translation: spiritual understanding

spider that takes flies 40
Dream description: unpleasant mishaps

crush a spider 62
Meaning: serenity of spirit

see a spider 76
Translation of the dream: mental laziness

spider that makes the canvas 67
Interpretation: momentary satisfaction

ceiling 85
Sense of the dream: limits in terms of mental or spiritual

spider catching flies 9
What does it mean: success happy and great satisfaction

water spider 38
Meaning of the dream: critical moments

whitewash the ceiling 2
Description: dangerous game

ceiling cracks 68
Interpretation of the dream: Alternatively criticism

ceiling paintings 35
Translation: peace in the family

white ceiling 12
Dream description: love affairs

spiderman 59
Meaning: try to put a strain on your body

Ceiling collapses 23
Translation of the dream: financial difficulties

moldy ceiling 38
Interpretation: dangerous illusions

colored ceiling 3
Sense of the dream: great ideas

paint a ceiling 37
What does it mean: mishap boring

ceiling price on bread 35
Meaning of the dream: career advancement

ceiling price on meat 14
Description: contentment to good friendships and good relations

spider mite 15
Interpretation of the dream: disruptions in family

coffered ceiling 70
Translation: regrettable errors of judgment

broom ceiling 51
Dream description: Dangerous Liaisons

see spider webs 84
Meaning: enmities secret

ceiling with stucco 48
Translation of the dream: business trip

cobweb 8
Interpretation: mishaps boring

fall from the roof 59
Sense of the dream: moral force

tiles on the roof 78
What does it mean: reward waiting

owl on the roof 13
Meaning of the dream: bad news

chimney on the roof 42
Description: friendships helpful

lie down on the roof 61
Interpretation of the dream: situation stable

masons on the roof 19
Translation: duty to perform

pigeons on the roof 84
Dream description: prosperity and well-being

climb on the roof 3
Meaning: success and progress

walk on the roof 27
Translation of the dream: brilliant statement

fly over the rooftops 19
Interpretation: emotional disturbances

go to the roof 60
Sense of the dream: thwarted love

lightning rod on the roof of a house 64
What does it mean: malicious accusations

garret 46
Meaning of the dream: if you settle you will be happy

black sunroof 80
Description: sure intuition

sunroof garnished 24
Interpretation of the dream: relationships

drip roof 40
Translation: stubbornness and rebellion

roof unsafe 70
Dream description: request for help

lower the roof 24
Meaning: trouble passing