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Spider in the cradle. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream spider in the cradle. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cradle Doll 1
Meaning of the dream: pipe dreams

cradle 9
Description: tranquility in your concerns

dead spider 61
Interpretation of the dream: victory over an enemy

spider crushed 76
Translation: inability to deal with problems

spider 88
Dream description: quarrels, discussions

cobweb with the spider 30
Meaning: danger of exploitation

spider on him 11
Translation of the dream: selfish concerns

spider in the bed 39
Interpretation: intransigence exaggerated

spider at night 18
Sense of the dream: money coming

spider weaving 84
What does it mean: hidden enemies

spider on the ceiling 36
Meaning of the dream: Successes and personal satisfaction

iron cradle 70
Description: insoluble problems

spider on the wall 83
Interpretation of the dream: important letters

Spider day 39
Translation: trouble with superiors

spider leg 44
Dream description: obstinacy and stubbornness

spider that takes flies 40
Meaning: unpleasant mishaps

Spider sea 81
Translation of the dream: spiritual understanding

empty cradle 80
Interpretation: Health unstable

crush a spider 62
Sense of the dream: serenity of spirit

cradle with a baby 19
What does it mean: protection at work

see a spider 76
Meaning of the dream: mental laziness

spider that makes the canvas 67
Description: momentary satisfaction

wooden cradle 79
Interpretation of the dream: Excessive fantasy

spider catching flies 9
Translation: success happy and great satisfaction

metal cradle 75
Dream description: good health

water spider 38
Meaning: critical moments

cradle cap 40
Translation of the dream: exaggerated optimism

spiderman 59
Interpretation: try to put a strain on your body

baby in cot 18
Sense of the dream: feminine coquetry

wicker cradle 26
What does it mean: moodiness

cradle a baby 41
Meaning of the dream: confidence in the future

cobweb 8
Description: mishaps boring

spider mite 15
Interpretation of the dream: disruptions in family

see spider webs 84
Translation: enmities secret

eat cot 43
Dream description: slight indisposition

crib of plaster 63
Meaning: activity on the rise

crib in church 1
Translation of the dream: powerful protectors

crib or manger 77
Interpretation: humiliation and misery

decorate a crib 52
Sense of the dream: successes delayed

crib at home 84
What does it mean: success and sympathies

cot with wounded 28
Meaning of the dream: friends little trust

cot with ill 20
Description: family trouble

cot with dead 33
Interpretation of the dream: discontent passengers

the Nativity Scene 88
Translation: are you happy in love

chandelier living room 18
Dream description: need for courage

fish hatchery 48
Meaning: sudden fortune

broken barrel 59
Translation of the dream: happy event

nativity of virgin maria 8
Interpretation: waste of money

raise many cows 81
Sense of the dream: your riches are set to increase

wedge (tool) 77
What does it mean: aid

nursery rhyme 8
Meaning of the dream: developed domain of s

hanging chandelier 19
Description: little understanding

Silver chandelier 90
Interpretation of the dream: disorderly actions

chandelier church 29
Translation: sudden change of plans