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Speak lesbian woman. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream speak lesbian woman. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lesbian woman 14
Meaning of the dream: desire for greater sweetness

talk to a woman 39
Description: lucky deal

speak ear 21
Interpretation of the dream: missed opportunity

speak with the prior 12
Translation: fatigue and concerns

speak with the devil 56
Dream description: danger of scams

faculty to speak 8
Meaning: dispersion of forces

ask to speak 19
Translation of the dream: soon you will get the answer to a question that arose from time

speak in jargon 50
Interpretation: you need to let off steam with a person

woman playing 16
Sense of the dream: freedom of decision

speak heat 51
What does it mean: momentary success

unfaithful woman 81
Meaning of the dream: many enemies around you

healthy woman 45
Description: bitterness of heart

talk to goalkeeper 40
Interpretation of the dream: tension in the family

talk to the deaf 57
Translation: bitter disappointment

speak dialect 39
Dream description: you re comfortable

talk to a stutterer 19
Meaning: surprises and novelties

speak 57
Translation of the dream: gossip that will displease

talk to a yokel 75
Interpretation: unnecessary waiting

talk to a celebrity 8
Sense of the dream: end of love

woman hair 46
What does it mean: malicious gossip

speak loudly 83
Meaning of the dream: antagonism and obstacles

teach to talk 8
Description: exaggerated idealism

compel to talk 50
Interpretation of the dream: useless discussions

see and speak to an emperor 10
Translation: project of escape, escape, restlessness

talk to Jew 30
Dream description: deception and lies of friends, from which you can defend yourself if you ll be careful

alcoholic woman 15
Meaning: Lies harmful

woman arrested 9
Translation of the dream: loss of prestige

stammering woman 52
Interpretation: possibility of a detachment

woman guilty 56
Sense of the dream: intolerance and nervousness

naked woman 38
What does it mean: pain and bitterness

industrious woman 64
Meaning of the dream: enthusiasm for new proposals

proud woman 6
Description: Sad News

woman softened 58
Interpretation of the dream: worrying decrease of energy

submissive woman 28
Translation: recovery of energy

dissolute woman 51
Dream description: danger of deceit

valiant woman 84
Meaning: coincidences

woman seduced 1
Translation of the dream: abundance and richness

woman owl 7
Interpretation: someone you know wants to fuck

talk to Superior 80
Sense of the dream: issues to be determined

abhor woman 46
What does it mean: mortification

woman upset 60
Meaning of the dream: speculation wrong

landlady woman 43
Description: moral flexibility

lovable woman 3
Interpretation of the dream: arrogance in love

thighs woman 27
Translation: explaining to do

woman cry 47
Dream description: need for caution

woman idle 17
Meaning: contrasts continue

sling woman 8
Translation of the dream: careful not to get caught off guard by your enemies

shameless woman 67
Interpretation: documents to be finalized

whipping woman 78
Sense of the dream: bond without love

woman sews 5
What does it mean: existence agitated