Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

speak dialect

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: speak dialect

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39 speak dialect
you re comfortable

88 dialect

13 dialect comedy
emotional crisis

62 dialogue in dialect
excitement exaggerated

56 do not understand their dialect
someone wants to exclude yourself

40 speak well
bad habits

57 speak
gossip that will displease

51 speak heat
momentary success

56 speak with the devil
danger of scams

8 faculty to speak
dispersion of forces

10 see and speak to an emperor
project of escape, escape, restlessness

48 dead speak
shocking revelations

21 speak ear
missed opportunity

83 speak loudly
antagonism and obstacles

35 speak softly
gossip and slander

12 speak with the prior
fatigue and concerns

12 Volatile you speak
listen to the wisdom of the old

3 speak a foreign language
liberation from commitments

48 48 - Smorfia classic: The dead speak

61 speaking abbey

2 speaker
good prospects

6 install speaker
good resolutions

43 repair speaker
capacity of decision

10 speaker function
surprise from a friend

17 hidden speaker
important change

67 defective speaker
passing clouds

47 ancestor speaking
industrious recognized

12 arm themselves with spears
unexpected profit

41 child speaks
suffering from injustice

14 christ speaking
change of position

76 MP who speaks
broken promises

80 devil speaking
forced separation

35 ghost speaking
dangerous illusions

48 spear
unexpected profit

73 brandishing a spear
attention to missteps

85 injured by a spear
dissatisfaction over

2 broken spear
serious difficulties

13 spear grass
Friends unnecessary and harmful

58 spear to kill an animal
Looking to spend less

35 see their family speaks
listen to it

59 speaker on stage
obstacles with authorities

37 speaker in the chair
critical judgments

61 political speaker
explaining to do

26 Civil speaker
new relationships

43 speaker ecclesiastical
good relations

80 speaker haranguing
bad intentions

8 parrot speaking
thoughts and concerns

59 speakers
charity, affability

82 skeleton speaking
open struggle in family

75 Mayor speaking
temporary irritation

64 spectrum that speaks
dangerous illusions

6 speaking from a tribune
spiritual ideals

17 seer speaking
impossible dreams