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Son half-bald. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream son half-bald. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

half moon 6
Meaning of the dream: big loss

half-close 21
Description: experience fun

pineapple cut in half 21
Interpretation of the dream: vain confidence in the groom or the bride

bald 28
Translation: lack of self-esteem or worries

old bald 78
Dream description: implacable enemy

being bald 28
Meaning: much love

baby bald 87
Translation of the dream: narrow escape

bald woman 33
Interpretation: waste of money

bald forehead 86
Sense of the dream: misfortune

bald nape 14
What does it mean: poverty

bald on the right side 77
Meaning of the dream: removal of a friend

bald at the left 20
Description: losses

bald man 78
Interpretation of the dream: fortune

Bald-headed girl 52
Translation: strong contrasts

son 60
Dream description: hopes, potentials, or the young of yourself

see son 25
Meaning: economic concerns

have a son 55
Translation of the dream: fortune

think again about a son 60
Interpretation: strong personality

third son 61

marry a son 71
What does it mean: request for help

son drowned 60
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

baptism of a son 9
Description: efforts to support

good son 88
Interpretation of the dream: resentment justified

slander a son 19
Translation: mishaps to overcome

bad son 80
Dream description: collaborators interesting

call a son 72
Meaning: good company

recommend a son 46
Translation of the dream: good relations

delegate a son 80
Interpretation: rancor and discord

loving son 31
Sense of the dream: good omens

sick son 6
What does it mean: strenuous experiences

dead son 5
Meaning of the dream: hidden pitfalls

son in prison 7
Description: Danger averted

son priest 14
Interpretation of the dream: personal satisfaction

son Friar 13
Translation: deceit and gossip

unmarried son 15
Dream description: problems and jealousy

son married 12
Meaning: family concerns

son of player 45
Translation of the dream: loss of money

soldier son 24
Interpretation: ambitions fulfilled

mad son 89
Sense of the dream: situations to be resolved

son drunk 69
What does it mean: protections helpful

son submissive 17
Meaning of the dream: realizations of intent

replicate son 59
Description: excessive demands

reconciliation with a son 42
Interpretation of the dream: decisions well directed

Consult a son 74
Translation: consistency in the principles

sacrifice a son 25
Dream description: serious differences

save a son 18
Meaning: brisk business

wayward son 22
Translation of the dream: momentary troubles

bachelor son 11
Interpretation: waivers secret