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Someone point. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream someone point. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

geometrical point 55
Meaning of the dream: vanity and pride

cardinal point 8
Description: small miseries

point of a sword 11
Interpretation of the dream: new projects

point the gun at anyone 13
Translation: attention to your excessive sensitivity

approach someone 65
Dream description: you ll have a new relationship

burn someone 24
Meaning: problems for your business

goodness someone 19
Translation of the dream: expect big disappointments

subjugate someone 77
Interpretation: try to be more humble

shoving someone 17
Sense of the dream: work stress

replace someone 40
What does it mean: tries to be less moralistic

accuse someone 90
Meaning of the dream: sorrows secrets

escort someone 48
Description: next meeting

deceive someone 13
Interpretation of the dream: something is unrequited in love

to embellish someone 39
Translation: would you like to change the character of a person

track someone 13
Dream description: assistance of friends and good luck

deface someone 31
Meaning: Your action will leave a mark

shoot someone 5
Translation of the dream: heartbreak

someone has wet 18
Interpretation: a relative will help you

see someone running 34
Sense of the dream: moderates impulsivity

being sent to someone 18
What does it mean: heavy responsibility

see someone who takes drugs 24
Meaning of the dream: do more attention in business

see someone wrecked 26
Description: your marriage is in danger

see someone fired 68
Interpretation of the dream: person on whom they are serious doubts

remove someone something 45
Translation: malicious gossip

see someone bury 50
Dream description: hopes to heal

testify against someone 32
Meaning: anguish of love

see someone hanged 77
Translation of the dream: persecution

get rid of someone 63
Interpretation: tightness that you are living in the reality

locking up someone who is missing 75
Sense of the dream: depression

see someone fishing 44
What does it mean: you will be betrayed

shave someone 16
Meaning of the dream: provocation not collect

knock someone 6
Description: lack of prudence

fire someone 43
Interpretation of the dream: cut ties with someone negative

masturbate someone 72
Translation: sexual problems

run after someone 45
Dream description: waste of money

call someone by name 57
Meaning: probable visits

stand in the way someone 64
Translation of the dream: mental conditioning

pray to someone 20
Interpretation: imprudence whose consequences will be disastrous

stab someone 25
Sense of the dream: defend yourself from an attack

tease someone 40
What does it mean: you can not hold back the impetus

brighten someone 56
Meaning of the dream: great time in love

condemn someone to prison 48
Description: sweeping changes

to see stab someone 21
Interpretation of the dream: art tormented by a rivalry in love

accept someone or something 17
Translation: right now your excellent mood

scramble someone 3
Dream description: you are afraid of not being loved enough

look like someone 3
Meaning: others influence you too