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Solitude of a warrior. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream solitude of a warrior. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

warrior helmet 29
Meaning of the dream: next disgust, discontent

solitude remote place 42
Description: thoughts and worries

warrior mask 6
Interpretation of the dream: decisive action

warrior died 90
Translation: Breaking with something that hinders us

warrior killed 42
Dream description: self-doubt

warrior surrounded 82
Meaning: You want to have good luck

warrior on horseback 6
Translation of the dream: prejudice

warrior on the field 53
Interpretation: less arrogance and more humility

Aboriginal warrior 19
Sense of the dream: heavy duty

adapt to loneliness 36
What does it mean: good omens

wounded warrior 26
Meaning of the dream: loss of money

victorious warrior 17
Description: liberation from weights

Warrior in action 25
Interpretation of the dream: if you are married your marriage in danger

warrior in a duel 36
Translation: emotional character

warrior won 60
Dream description: sense of responsibility

go into seclusion 42
Meaning: you regret the past

Abbess in seclusion 32
Translation of the dream: good deal

fighter 41
Interpretation: tough business

combatant dead 49
Sense of the dream: hard times

seclusion 25
What does it mean: good deal

professional secrecy 80
Meaning of the dream: return of money

warriors 80
Description: heavy duty

desolation (desolate) 1
Interpretation of the dream: waiting

amputate a leg 5
Translation: favorable change

mouth of a river 16
Dream description: great news

valiant fighter 19
Meaning: inner tranquility

a veteran of the war 50
Translation of the dream: Excellent reports

amputate an arm 63
Interpretation: sacrifice for children

head of a pin 25
Sense of the dream: complications and losses

cloud of a face 45
What does it mean: litigious aggression

disrupt an arm 37
Meaning of the dream: commitments to meet

a song of a man 37
Description: perseverance and submission

tip of a knife 41
Interpretation of the dream: facing needless

fake a death 89
Translation: great excitement

lid of a box 43
Dream description: submission to the will of others

color a drawing 46
Meaning: your imagination makes you see things different from what they really are

bark a tree 83
Translation of the dream: disagreement with themselves

sawing a tree 41
Interpretation: optimism and luck

root of a tree 51
Sense of the dream: overcoming difficulties

fighter in war 59
What does it mean: tough business

end of a stick 6
Meaning of the dream: controversy vain

Queen of a party 74
Description: physical exuberance

body of a child 19
Interpretation of the dream: duties to perform

barring a window 63
Translation: compromise to avoid

head of a rope 18
Dream description: an activity will be started very advantageous

axis of a wagon 89
Meaning: short illness

the seat of an office 85
Translation of the dream: fortunate circumstances

collapse of a tree 87
Interpretation: accidents

sting of a scorpion 20
Sense of the dream: deceptions hidden

noise of a waterfall 37
What does it mean: exuberance to control

Discovering a treasure 90
Meaning of the dream: ideas to be clarified

baptism of a son 9
Description: efforts to support

birth of a child 70
Interpretation of the dream: economic well-being