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Soil with ink. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream soil with ink. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

soil with ink 80
Meaning of the dream: await suffering

bottle with ink 48
Description: you have to learn to share your feelings

smear with ink 35
Interpretation of the dream: discussions and misunderstandings

pour ink 3
Translation: physical fatigue

ink spread 87
Dream description: snarl extended

ink yellow 28
Meaning: you lose a friendship

green ink 80
Translation of the dream: trust betrayed by a friend

ink 26
Interpretation: accommodation

soil with colors 3
Sense of the dream: admiration for the elderly

dipped with ink 63
What does it mean: you lose a friendship

soil dung 44
Meaning of the dream: lack of communication

red ink 57
Description: misunderstanding with neighbors

black ink 52
Interpretation of the dream: offense

bottom ink 80
Translation: obstacles to overcome

soil with mud 52
Dream description: profit

Ink stain 80
Meaning: illness of a relative

Printing Ink 89
Translation of the dream: You will overcome the difficulties

letters written in red ink 66
Interpretation: damage

soil mass 56
Sense of the dream: new knowledge

letters written in green ink 27
What does it mean: you ll get a very worthwhile visit or business

parched soil 61
Meaning of the dream: likely shift

china ink 45
Description: ready for the unexpected event that promise benefits

cultivate the soil 77
Interpretation of the dream: craftiness

ground 4
Translation: poverty and sadness

topsoil 28
Dream description: you can't express your real feelings

plant in the ground 38
Meaning: new experience

put mine in the ground 89
Translation of the dream: want revenge at all costs

recline on the ground 13
Interpretation: danger of extravagance

inkwell gold 39
Sense of the dream: opposition in the family

porcelain inkwell 2
What does it mean: important news

uneven floor 30
Meaning of the dream: return of money

kiss the ground 28
Description: melancholy love

lie down 68
Interpretation of the dream: extravagant attitudes

inkwell with pen 37
Translation: opportunism

sit on the ground 13
Dream description: Fortunately rising

urinating on the floor 16
Meaning: trouble from friends

spit on the ground 78
Translation of the dream: negative experience

sheet on the floor 44
Interpretation: misunderstandings at work

stained with paint 50
Sense of the dream: envious chatter

snow on the ground 57
What does it mean: relationships relaxing

resting on the ground 48
Meaning of the dream: unexpected aid

carpet on the floor 75
Description: animosity useless

sleep on the ground 87
Interpretation of the dream: interesting revelations

collect olives from the ground 21
Translation: uncontrolled reactions

paint coats 37
Dream description: obstacles overcome

inkwell empty 2
Meaning: irritation exaggerated

earthworm ground 56
Translation of the dream: small movements

oil paint 28
Interpretation: Unexpected Journey

white paint 60
Sense of the dream: flirt interesting

concrete floor 23
What does it mean: falsehood

marble floor 90
Meaning of the dream: insidious flattery

marine paint 16
Description: momentary depression