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Socks faded. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream socks faded. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

find socks 29
Meaning of the dream: new possibilities

adjust socks 6
Description: ephemeral joys

take off your socks 6
Interpretation of the dream: return to good condition

socks with embroidery 33
Translation: intuitions wrong

socks with row 54
Dream description: useful information

socks routes 69
Meaning: indifference in love

darning socks 77
Translation of the dream: personal affirmation

twist the socks 11
Interpretation: trouble with women

new socks 1
Sense of the dream: unworkable ideas

slip socks 72
What does it mean: It will be granted aid

colored socks 44
Meaning of the dream: business cheated

match socks 16
Description: serenity disturbed

socks or tights 45
Interpretation of the dream: intimacy protection or practicality

see socks with holes in them 1
Translation: deceptive appearance of fortune

socks 13
Dream description: new possibilities

buy pair of socks 13
Meaning: loss of a friend

socks mountaineer 60
Translation of the dream: opposition to overcome

socks skier 80
Interpretation: ambition fulfilled

mending socks 53
Sense of the dream: economic improvement

pair socks 39
What does it mean: visit

balcony with socks 10
Meaning of the dream: Requests for protection

wand for socks 83
Description: confidences to avoid

wool socks 22
Interpretation of the dream: unrequited love

white socks 11
Translation: diplomacy with superiors

faded 60
Dream description: fickleness of character

do stockings 14
Meaning: success in love

having stockings 70
Translation of the dream: good wishes

try stockings 29
Interpretation: good omen

faded photo 46
Sense of the dream: old remorse resurface

mutate stockings 63
What does it mean: rest, security

fleshcolored stockings 9
Meaning of the dream: durable successes

thread stockings or cotton 9
Description: Fortunately mediocre

shaped stockings 7
Interpretation of the dream: Effective Partnerships

silk stockings 40
Translation: loss of belongings

fishnet stockings 68
Dream description: incompatibility of character

patch up stockings 28
Meaning: sadness

Covered discolored 85
Translation of the dream: intense passion

cloth discolored 6
Interpretation: fickleness of character

Wall discolored 32
Sense of the dream: poor reflection

chair discolored 16
What does it mean: small gain

garment discolored 35
Meaning of the dream: support to be given

insipid dish 40
Description: gradual improvement

tent discolored 68
Interpretation of the dream: conciliatory spirit

fade or disappear 22
Translation: hopes dashed

insipid sauce 33
Dream description: incoming letters

insipid broth 40
Meaning: manic depression

Garter stockings 5
Translation of the dream: dualism embarrassing

black stocking 9
Interpretation: bad speculations

stocking old 21
Sense of the dream: slander on our behalf

knitted sock 32
What does it mean: duties to perform

readjust a stocking 24
Meaning of the dream: casual attitudes

sock irons 5
Description: hard work

elastic stockings 16
Interpretation of the dream: regret late

stocking of the Epiphany 61
Translation: unfounded jealousy

stocking handmade 1
Dream description: ideas to be implemented