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Sock drawer decomposed. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sock drawer decomposed. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

drawer full 10
Meaning of the dream: Hidden Dangers

closed drawer 51
Description: embarrassment of choice

drawer dresser 6
Interpretation of the dream: poor health of the child who will be born

cabinet drawer 42
Translation: contrasts with brothers

desk drawer 49
Dream description: intentions tenacious

Close a Drawer 22
Meaning: new spending

order a drawer 52
Translation of the dream: hard life

force a drawer 83
Interpretation: good organization

open the drawer 8
Sense of the dream: money refund

empty drawer 39
What does it mean: new interests

drawer casket 30
Meaning of the dream: You discover a secret

drawer 22
Description: contrasts with brothers

table drawer 53
Interpretation of the dream: important relationships

drawer with bright 79
Translation: clumsiness

drawer without key 87
Dream description: hope disappointed

drawer with gold 32
Meaning: new commitments

drawer with objects 71
Translation of the dream: important decisions

knitted sock 32
Interpretation: duties to perform

rummaging in a drawer 67
Sense of the dream: material difficulties

cotton sock 33
What does it mean: spirit of contradiction

make the sock 47
Meaning of the dream: care

sock irons 5
Description: hard work

knee sock 12
Interpretation of the dream: great fortune

pair socks 39
Translation: visit

mending socks 53
Dream description: economic improvement

balcony with socks 10
Meaning: Requests for protection

buy pair of socks 13
Translation of the dream: loss of a friend

socks 13
Interpretation: new possibilities

new socks 1
Sense of the dream: unworkable ideas

slip socks 72
What does it mean: It will be granted aid

colored socks 44
Meaning of the dream: business cheated

socks routes 69
Description: indifference in love

adjust socks 6
Interpretation of the dream: ephemeral joys

darning socks 77
Translation: personal affirmation

buy socks 11
Dream description: requited love

socks skier 80
Meaning: ambition fulfilled

socks mountaineer 60
Translation of the dream: opposition to overcome

find socks 29
Interpretation: new possibilities

twist the socks 11
Sense of the dream: trouble with women

wool socks 22
What does it mean: unrequited love

match socks 16
Meaning of the dream: serenity disturbed

socks with embroidery 33
Description: intuitions wrong

socks with row 54
Interpretation of the dream: useful information

take off your socks 6
Translation: return to good condition

socks or tights 45
Dream description: intimacy protection or practicality

wand for socks 83
Meaning: confidences to avoid

see socks with holes in them 1
Translation of the dream: deceptive appearance of fortune

white socks 11
Interpretation: diplomacy with superiors

stocking 45
Sense of the dream: Good news

readjust a stocking 24
What does it mean: casual attitudes

caisson 70
Meaning of the dream: experience of suffering

nail crate 24
Description: financial trouble

shelve 16
Interpretation of the dream: sadness not justified by events, pessimism

close the tray 20
Translation: inhibitions and complexes

dustbin 40
Dream description: material aid