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Smuggler. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream smuggler. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

smuggler 29
Meaning of the dream: need to economize

hidden smuggler 4
Description: unreasonable acts

smuggler arrested 53
Interpretation of the dream: arbitrary judgments

smuggler dropped 36
Translation: disappointments and suffering

smuggler dead 6
Dream description: selfishness and greed

smuggler lurking 23
Meaning: bad speculations

smuggler chased 35
Translation of the dream: hasty decisions

smuggler wounded 84

smuggler discovered 18

smuggler of opium 27
What does it mean: loss of prestige

smuggler with an accomplice 47

drug traffickers 84
Description: someone behind you plot

gang of smugglers 69
Interpretation of the dream: need to economize

see a harlequin 17
Translation: regret dissipated, malice, hypocrisy

circus with clowns 69
Dream description: Dangerous Liaisons

smuggling 33
Meaning: intrigue hidden

make smuggling 20
Translation of the dream: Adventures of short duration

discover smuggling 32
Interpretation: lack of discipline

tobacco smuggling 45
Sense of the dream: contempt of danger

currency smuggling 30
What does it mean: nervous tension

smuggling watches 24
Meaning of the dream: amorous adventures

smuggling of precious 72
Description: imprudence dangerous

contrabass 63
Interpretation of the dream: original ideas

study the double bass 42
Translation: original ideas

playing the bass 42
Dream description: considered judgments

hear playing contrabass 28
Meaning: steadfastness of purpose

taming foals 25
Translation of the dream: progressive increase in the activity

double dowry 6
Interpretation: cures and cares

introducing contraband merchandise 60
Sense of the dream: you have to limit yourself to more

dressing up as a clown 26
What does it mean: love life confusing

smuggled goods 20
Meaning of the dream: intrigue hidden

skilled worker 35
Description: unsolicited advice

do the clown 49
Interpretation of the dream: superficiality of relationships

ride a colt 10
Translation: brilliant statement

poachers 47
Dream description: foul play on the part of people who will flatter

participate in a festival 28
Meaning: exuberant vitality

seize contraband 69
Translation of the dream: change of environment

harlequin 13
Interpretation: cunning and gossip

masquerade harlequin 68
Sense of the dream: indulge in pleasures and have insane damage

smuggling boat 62

buffoonery 7

hat Harlequin 30
Description: you have very specific ideas about situations

celebration of festivals 53

mask harlequin 25

bass bow 13

harlequin horse 38

Harlequin course 25

Harlequin carriage 56

Harlequin theater 20

Harlequin dress up 35

smuggling of coffee 40

smuggling of goods 38

gold smuggling 64

contraband export 20

dowry extraction 72

napoli in festival 8
Meaning: easily surpass all the problems that will arise

mashed potatoes 16
Translation of the dream: Financial problems