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Smoke a camel. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream smoke a camel. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

camel 28
Meaning of the dream: effort to be crowned a success

saddle a camel 10
Description: to curb impulsiveness

camel at the zoo 51
Interpretation of the dream: advantageous deals

camel traveling 15
Translation: success in society

camel resting 81
Dream description: harmony in work

camel drinking 87
Meaning: opposition passing

smoking a pipe 44
Translation of the dream: by unknown attentions

camel in the desert 4
Interpretation: momentary difficulties

ask to smoke 56
Sense of the dream: heartbreak

see a camel 18
What does it mean: magnetism exaggerated

to smoke eel 43
Meaning of the dream: lost fortune

smoking a lot 58
Description: beware of treachery

embers smoking 47
Interpretation of the dream: need for greater patience

smoking shortly 85
Translation: talk inconclusive

ride a camel 29
Dream description: pleasant events

smoking ban 52
Meaning: talk out of envy

Camel eating 17
Translation of the dream: continuous renewal

stop smoking 78
Interpretation: you are not free

see smoking opium 78
Sense of the dream: instability of relationships

to smoke 36
What does it mean: you'll get great consideration

Abbot smoking 20
Meaning of the dream: vivid imagination

smoking cigarette holder 65
Description: economic disadvantages

camel hair 70
Interpretation of the dream: disagreements in social relations

smoking opium 48
Translation: illusions and extravagances

ban smoking 66
Dream description: unexpected help

to smoke fish 46
Meaning: amazement

camel driver 90
Translation of the dream: lifelong friends

smoke 10
Interpretation: you'll get great consideration

smoking 78
Sense of the dream: short duration of fortune and honors, annoyance and disappointment

smoking a cigarette 71
What does it mean: friendly relations

regulate smoking in 85
Meaning of the dream: in labor disputes

black smoke 31
Description: bad omen

see smoke coming from the chimney 28
Interpretation of the dream: marriage in sight

white smoke 81
Translation: you agreed with someone

see smoke 24
Dream description: good business

smoke and mirrors 47
Meaning: defeats and disappointments

smell of smoke 50
Translation of the dream: tough business

smoking cigars 30
Interpretation: wasted effort

smoke of incense 65
Sense of the dream: good harmony in the family

weep for smoke 41
What does it mean: anxiety and uncertainty

Smoke Abuse 13
Meaning of the dream: you have to set limits

see smoke in action 26
Description: put in place your revenge

chainsaw that makes a lot of smoke 9
Interpretation of the dream: breakage or an annoying change

puffing smoke 36
Translation: irritability accentuated

coal smoke 22
Dream description: violent temper

smoke fire 1
Meaning: good relations

smoke plume 90
Translation of the dream: excessive lavishness

asphyxiated with smoke 42
Interpretation: health hazard

column of smoke 90
Sense of the dream: excessive lavishness

puffing in the heat 6
What does it mean: luck and success

smoke room 17
Meaning of the dream: deception of love

abbess who smokes 20
Description: projects hampered