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Small mice flying. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream small mice flying. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

small mice 37
Meaning of the dream: morbid anxieties

swallows flying 9
Description: frequent moves

mice street 80
Interpretation of the dream: repressed desires

gray mice 35
Translation: desire for love

teach mice 13
Dream description: misery

small eyes 60
Meaning: cunning discovery

Many small dogs 6
Translation of the dream: good friends

small pigs 20
Interpretation: someone makes fun of you

trap mice 65
Sense of the dream: trouble with family

small peppers 17
What does it mean: boring meetings

flush out mice 80
Meaning of the dream: threats dark

mice fleeing 81
Description: plot foiled

mice 66
Interpretation of the dream: guilt or envy

kill mice 31
Translation: unjustified jealousy

mice in the pantry 37
Dream description: Negotiations disappointing

mice in the house 4
Meaning: family troubles

mice into mouth 10
Translation of the dream: momentary troubles

see many mice 44
Interpretation: very difficult

kill many mice 71
Sense of the dream: You put to rest all your enemies

white mice 78
What does it mean: good relations

mice on his body 74
Meaning of the dream: long period of opposition

tame mice 13
Description: misery

grab mice 73
Interpretation of the dream: innate optimism

small donuts 18
Translation: trouble

afraid of mice 52
Dream description: triumph over enemies

small flowers 43
Meaning: make new discoveries

mice in the closet 55
Translation of the dream: family responsibilities

mice in bed 5
Interpretation: health hazard

see herd of small and female deer 2
Sense of the dream: wealth and fortune in proportion to their numbers

barn with mice 86
What does it mean: prosperity in the activities undertaken

cranes flying 27
Meaning of the dream: much work to do

underground with mice 73
Description: annoyances and obstacles

rodent (mice or other family) 19
Interpretation of the dream: meetings too easy and therefore dangerous

mice on their person 74
Translation: long period of opposition

beans small 76
Dream description: limited gains

being attacked by mice 73
Meaning: people that you want to put in difficulty

small aircraft 44
Translation of the dream: Useful experiences

small stones 5
Interpretation: something bothering you and you would like to fix

nest of mice 11
Sense of the dream: business cheated

eyebrows small 25
What does it mean: sorrows

cesspool with mice 16
Meaning of the dream: chat slanderers

hunting small game 46
Description: bad intentions

ferret (small animal) 16
Interpretation of the dream: good address, success in love or in a deal any

leaves flying 27
Translation: sick passenger

small ears 67
Dream description: lack of respect

dove flying 26
Meaning: waste of money

butterfly flying 13
Translation of the dream: changing ideas

small animal 45
Interpretation: thief thin, betrayal of next of kin

rats in a trap 6
Sense of the dream: important news

Hawk flying 81
What does it mean: danger of scam