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Small black snake. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream small black snake. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

snake small 86
Meaning of the dream: restlessness

snake Room 59
Description: great nervous tension

snake whistling 40
Interpretation of the dream: pride and ambition

snake more heads 15
Translation: danger of seduction

snake 84
Dream description: enemies and ingratitude

scales of a snake 26
Meaning: agreements to be screened

snake in the bed 77
Translation of the dream: exuberance and impulsiveness

coiled snake 42
Interpretation: ingratitude of a trusted person

big snake 44
Sense of the dream: deceptions hidden

snake tail 3
What does it mean: waste of money

approach a snake 66
Meaning of the dream: fulfillment in love

a poisonous snake 80
Description: numerous obstacles

small groove 55
Interpretation of the dream: trip

small bridge 1
Translation: a dangerous opponent tries to harm you

see snake 25
Dream description: strong emotions

hydro (water snake) 7
Meaning: ingratitude, next seduction

snake tongue 88
Translation of the dream: balance

seeing him snake 24
Interpretation: contrasts in love

snake boa 15
Sense of the dream: recognized expertise

small plant 79
What does it mean: adventurous temperament

small boiler 23
Meaning of the dream: unanticipated changes

small waterfall 5
Description: patience and tolerance

small scythe 13
Interpretation of the dream: weakness of temperaments

black cat 81
Translation: sad omen

small pepper pickle 11
Dream description: unpleasant encounters with the person you loved

candle small 39
Meaning: gains that fade

basilisk snake fabulous 34
Translation of the dream: various injuries

eva with snake 19
Interpretation: difficult position

small prison 64
Sense of the dream: sad days

small chainsaw 28
What does it mean: you will be more determined

small tray 7
Meaning of the dream: moodiness

small scar 27
Description: needs of relatives

approached by a snake 66
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately for all activities

small sculpture 7
Translation: expenses to control

kill snake 62
Dream description: victory over enemies

snake that attacks 10
Meaning: need for reflection

cat with small 11
Translation of the dream: your embarrassments will not succeed

black race 20
Interpretation: anxiety

snake bites 76
Sense of the dream: willingness stubborn

crawl a snake 26
What does it mean: infidelity

kangaroo with small 18
Meaning of the dream: perfect agreement sentimental

black tape 62
Description: Chaste and severe life

small key 1
Interpretation of the dream: letter good

whistle snake 54
Translation: important decision

small kitchen 5
Dream description: satisfaction and pride

small pomegranate 60
Meaning: little passion in love

rattlesnake 8
Translation of the dream: ambiguous behavior

small aircraft 44
Interpretation: Useful experiences

small church 6
Sense of the dream: melancholy and depression

black veil 32
What does it mean: agitated thoughts

black duck 30
Meaning of the dream: very tense period and negative

black apron 20
Description: deceptions hidden

be small 1
Interpretation of the dream: you will be lifted up

small door 49
Translation: sad thoughts

small flame 20
Dream description: chatter and sorrows

small giraffe 56
Meaning: childhood with few friends

black cloth 88
Translation of the dream: contrasts with friends

small jar 10
Interpretation: problems to be solved