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Slingshot. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream slingshot. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

slingshot 14
Meaning of the dream: slander, insult

sling man 75

sling animals 27

sling woman 8

spear 48
Dream description: unexpected profit

sling route 69

arm in a sling 45
Translation of the dream: imprudence in speaking

broken spear 2
Interpretation: serious difficulties

assault department 26
Sense of the dream: physical exuberance

war pitched 24

brandishing a spear 73
Meaning of the dream: attention to missteps

launches car 1

amassing stones 70
Interpretation of the dream: actions turbulent

hurling stones 40
Translation: economic benefits

bring stones 2
Dream description: greatness

see stones 77
Meaning: disease, anguish

hurl stones 28
Translation of the dream: sudden adversity

sparkling stones 25
Interpretation: commitments and travel

chop stones 19
Sense of the dream: new knowledge

lose stones 7
What does it mean: misfortune

throwing stones 52
Meaning of the dream: illusions and extravagances

Stake stones 18

count stones 80

grasp stones 50

injured by a spear 85
Dream description: dissatisfaction over

download stones 80
Meaning: aid from relatives

stumbling stones 56

earring gems 82

break stones 23
Sense of the dream: good health

amount of stones 26
What does it mean: way hard

gemstone silver 72

pile of stones 54
Description: difficulty somebody else s fault

throw a stone 36
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy

cart with stones 17

Bracelet with stones 70

Earrings with stones 36
Meaning: reduced vitality

grave with tombstones 58
Translation of the dream: useful information

buy gemstones 11
Interpretation: gain in trades

clip with stones 82

walking on the stones 7
What does it mean: pain and suffering

Mass of stones 26
Meaning of the dream: you are not very sensitive to the circumstances

gem linked gold 16
Description: squabbles interest

reliquary with gems 2
Interpretation of the dream: profits profitable

You have embarked on the submarine 72
Translation: desire for novelty

spear to kill an animal 58
Dream description: Looking to spend less

see damned throw into the furnace 66
Meaning: great sadness or illness

jewelry with precious stones 44
Translation of the dream: you have great ambitions and perhaps be able to realize them;

brooch with precious stones 77
Interpretation: provocation not collect

bracelet with precious stones 15
Sense of the dream: willingness relentless

ring with precious stones 24
What does it mean: protection not required

white dress 20
Meaning of the dream: joys and desires

white bathrobe 17
Description: sorrows of love

to accelerate 37
Interpretation of the dream: concerns ending

accelerate the wedding 33
Translation: concerns ending

accelerate the speed 2
Dream description: danger close

accelerate the engine 79
Meaning: secret protections

White vinegar 13
Translation of the dream: decay

adapt a floor 2
Interpretation: loss of security

sinking in quicksand 24
Sense of the dream: successful combination

sink into lime 45
What does it mean: profit work

sink in the dung 60
Meaning of the dream: money matters favorable