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Sliding balconies. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sliding balconies. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

iron balconies 58
Meaning of the dream: you're locked in yourself

sliding door 22
Description: everything will be better

sliding on the snow 7
Interpretation of the dream: coldness in love

slip 59
Translation: you re not trying to be like everyone else

railing of the balcony 62
Dream description: strong anger

parapet of a balcony 12
Meaning: inconvenience to jealousy

skid by car 31
Translation of the dream: exhibitionism useless

front porch 60
Interpretation: It is waiting for you hard work

skid with the bike 38
Sense of the dream: meta inaccessible

slip on the ice with skates 37
What does it mean: short pleasure and sadness

veranda 22
Meaning of the dream: hope

corridor train 58
Description: inner resources

farm porch 22
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected visits

sit on the porch 70
Translation: good friendships

porch with tools 14
Dream description: good business

fall from the balcony 25
Meaning: start of something

enter from the balcony 88
Translation of the dream: attention there is someone who is plotting behind your back

porch with flowers 10
Interpretation: Pleasant surprise

see or walk on the porch 5
Sense of the dream: honors and riches

under the porch to escape someone 77
What does it mean: inner insecurity

refuge from the rain under the porch 18
Meaning of the dream: advantageous purchases

Abbess in seclusion 32
Description: good deal

shoot down an enemy 17
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasm

say goodbye to the doctor 25
Translation: unhappy passion

say goodbye Advocate 13
Dream description: sudden change

take leave from superiors 15
Meaning: disillusionment

say goodbye to neighbors 68
Translation of the dream: danger of delays

say goodbye after a visit 73
Interpretation: poor understanding

bid farewell to the confessor 52
Sense of the dream: right insight

farewell emigrant 9
What does it mean: Fortunately constant

look out to the balcony 51
Meaning of the dream: avarice

balcony 50
Description: hope

Balcony with clothes hanging 37
Interpretation of the dream: bright future

balcony with flowers 10
Translation: unexpected events

balcony with a cage 20
Dream description: passing disappointments

balcony with children 19
Meaning: lost affections

balcony with a woman 42
Translation of the dream: wrath

balcony collapses 80
Interpretation: malicious slander

battery firing 88
Sense of the dream: nervousness accentuated

bazaar of various objects 30
What does it mean: external protection

crooked mouth 65
Meaning of the dream: inability to adapt

robber shooting 8
Description: envy masked

referee 35
Interpretation of the dream: disputes

resemble various objects 36
Translation: give your work a due importance

hunter shooting 30
Dream description: Excessive pedantry

slip socks 72
Meaning: It will be granted aid

seclusion 25
Translation of the dream: good deal

cloistered nuns 53
Interpretation: minor setbacks

go into seclusion 42
Sense of the dream: you regret the past

being in seclusion 70
What does it mean: serenity and tranquility of spirit

leave-taking 6
Meaning of the dream: financial mess

parting from parents 9
Description: financial mess