Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

sliced ​​salami

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: sliced ​​salami

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66 sliced ​​salami
found money

30 sliced ​​cheese
intrigue and imposture

22 sliced ​​fruit
changes in life

80 sliced ​​potatoes
money lent

60 sliced ​​watermelon
considerable sacrifices

5 salami
Problems with your image

70 salami whole
combative behavior

61 basket with salami
danger of dishonesty

5 slice of salami
friendships safe

5 salami cut
new guidelines

59 cooked salami
some contrast

11 salami skinny
moral fatigue

55 salami fat

50 salami good
new relationships

42 salami rancid
emotional exuberance

28 buy salami
conflict passenger

37 eat salami
health in danger

54 slice
abundance and richness

80 slice bread
abundance and richness

12 slice porridge

76 slice sweet
good business

43 slices
be content with what you have

34 slices of bread
still work

49 Slice of meat
protection from relatives

23 slice of ham
uncertainty and doubt

15 slice of cheese
good health

61 slice of watermelon
fun with friends

6 slice of cake
family party

36 salamander (reptile)
pitfalls thesis enemies weak and cowardly

83 cut into slices
window of opportunity