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Regret for a break. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream regret for a break. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

regret for a break 24
Meaning of the dream: excitable temperament

regret for a speech 35
Description: interesting offer

regret for a man 61
Interpretation of the dream: will and firmness

regret for a child 53
Translation: capacity for initiative

regret for a woman 27
Dream description: generous spirit

regret for a loss 16
Meaning: excellent results

regret for a defeat 38
Translation of the dream: depressions

regret of mother 80
Interpretation: meeting of interest

regret of his father 43
Sense of the dream: good understanding

regret a purchase 21
What does it mean: commercial prosperity

pause 75
Meaning of the dream: big problems we'd like to get rid

break crockery 14
Description: unexpected novelty

break fan 26
Interpretation of the dream: family discussions

break report 48
Translation: unstable relationships

break halberd 6
Dream description: failure in business

break shoe 44
Meaning: exaggerated pride

working break 40
Translation of the dream: concerns

break water bottle 88
Interpretation: you have so many things to be forgiven

feel regret 72
Sense of the dream: appointment to return

break syringe 51
What does it mean: anxieties and nervousness

break something 25
Meaning of the dream: period of nervousness

chairs that break 90
Description: miss someone

Music paused 51
Interpretation of the dream: delays and impediments

break thermometer 89
Translation: unnecessary quarrels

break hangers 1
Dream description: reestablishment next

regret 60
Meaning: joy

leaving for the holidays 80
Translation of the dream: ambitious desires

lament for a disease 65
Interpretation: prudence with collaborators

break mug 10
Sense of the dream: possessive love

break strings 16
What does it mean: Luckily the game

break relations 37
Meaning of the dream: social duties to be performed

break shoes 81
Description: physical fatigue

break (break in the machine) 66
Interpretation of the dream: delays

indulge in regret 29
Translation: unfounded fears

grieve for a woman 24
Dream description: deceptions secrets

break down a wall 10
Meaning: period of discouragement

break a branch 44
Translation of the dream: loss of property

move to pity 18
Interpretation: you're too sensitive

break a rake 43
Sense of the dream: dangerous trip

break down a beast 75
What does it mean: decrease of energy

sad for a man 12
Meaning of the dream: personal affirmation

break a bag of chips 86
Description: difficult time with your partner

pity a child 10
Interpretation of the dream: new hope

lament of man 18
Translation: contrasts with youth

lament of child 25
Dream description: unusual adventure

break a wedding favor 2
Meaning: some problems in love

break down a barrier 48
Translation of the dream: presence of mind

break through a table 24
Interpretation: chatter dangerous

pity a wounded 43
Sense of the dream: secret to keep

break a sieve 6
What does it mean: ideas unclear

break an umbrella 89
Meaning of the dream: obstinacy

break through a door 4
Description: contrasts work

break down pomegranate tree 28
Interpretation of the dream: neglected family duties

break a reticulated 64
Translation: irritation and nervousness