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Slice of baked salmon. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream slice of baked salmon. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

salmon 61
Meaning of the dream: unfulfilled desires

fish salmon 32
Description: unfulfilled desires

smoked salmon 8
Interpretation of the dream: tough business

cut a salmon 17
Translation: difficulties with your spouse

buy a salmon 30
Dream description: return of a friend

eating a salmon 29
Meaning: disagreement with a loved one

slice 54
Translation of the dream: abundance and richness

slice bread 80
Interpretation: abundance and richness

slice porridge 12
Sense of the dream: windfall

slice sweet 76
What does it mean: good business

Slice of meat 49
Meaning of the dream: protection from relatives

slice of ham 23
Description: uncertainty and doubt

slice of cheese 15
Interpretation of the dream: good health

slice of salami 5
Translation: friendships safe

slice of watermelon 61
Dream description: fun with friends

slice of cake 6
Meaning: family party

slice of mortadella 90

slice of pear 11

slice of fishing 49

slice of veal 77

baked kid 17
Meaning of the dream: pain for a loved one

baked pasta 58
Description: fruitful collaboration

baked apples 20
Interpretation of the dream: interview welcome

baked pears 67
Translation: deceit and slander

baked ham 69
Dream description: serene resignation

ravioli baked 43
Meaning: that appearances are deceiving

noodles baked 69
Translation of the dream: enforceable rights

baked biscuits 4

baked with flour 38

baked with wheat 47

baked onion 74

baked pike 52

baked quince 68

baked cakes 41

honey baked 69

baked bread 89

baked potato 48

Pepper baked 5
Interpretation: pleasant moment of life

smell of baked bread 50
Sense of the dream: good weather

baked loaf bad 43
What does it mean: discouragement of short duration

slicing meat 54
Meaning of the dream: ill omen

sliced ​​cheese 30
Description: intrigue and imposture

sliced ​​fruit 22
Interpretation of the dream: changes in life

sliced ​​salami 66
Translation: found money

sliced ​​potatoes 80
Dream description: money lent

baker's shop 88
Meaning: concerns for the future

sliced ​​watermelon 60
Translation of the dream: considerable sacrifices

bake croissants 43
Interpretation: good resolutions

slices 43
Sense of the dream: be content with what you have

slices of bread 34
What does it mean: still work

baker 6
Meaning of the dream: honest work and profitable

baker kneading 74
Description: winning chances

baker who bakes 20
Interpretation of the dream: big surprise

baker who churns out 50
Translation: unforeseeable events

bake 7
Dream description: big surprise

bake bread 52
Meaning: wellness and health