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Slap in the head. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream slap in the head. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

slap 3
Meaning of the dream: you are persecuted

flour the head 44
Description: sorrows

slap had 8
Interpretation of the dream: awards undeserved

white head 21
Translation: good health

popping vat slap 18
Dream description: firm friendships

X-rays to the head 40
Meaning: personal achievements

head 36
Translation of the dream: fear of the judgment of an influential person or of a superior

contusion to the head 69
Interpretation: wrath

big head 44
Sense of the dream: great fortune

head cut 36
What does it mean: danger of deceit

pain in the head 36
Meaning of the dream: trouble with the law

slap an enemy 32
Description: profitable investment

kick in the head 83
Interpretation of the dream: evil intentions of neighbors

wrap your head 36
Translation: needs of relatives

rinse your head 3
Dream description: novelty

head banging 83
Meaning: work unprofitable

shave her head 3
Translation of the dream: sad loss

turn his head 1
Interpretation: confidences to avoid

raise up your head 8
Sense of the dream: great activities

smash your head 27
What does it mean: exuberant mentality

raise your head 7
Meaning of the dream: stubbornness

lay your head 30
Description: need for waivers

lower your head 36
Interpretation of the dream: fickle love

sever a head 36
Translation: decisions contrasted

bow your head 65
Dream description: unpleasant encounter

injury to the head 36
Meaning: deceptions of love

cut off the head to duck 12
Translation of the dream: satisfaction pleasure honor

hot head 18
Interpretation: unforeseen expenses

swollen head 79
Sense of the dream: disease

shaved head 79
What does it mean: loss and damage

slap the spouse 63
Meaning of the dream: misunderstanding clarified

head man 72
Description: good business

tingling in the head 20
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts with friends

troubled in the head 59
Translation: infirmity

Order in the head 55
Dream description: shyness

small head 37
Meaning: secret love

hammered in the head 74
Translation of the dream: maturation of ideas

alteration head 29
Interpretation: family disputes

take head 48
Sense of the dream: violent incidents

lash in head 17
What does it mean: excellent skills

cover her head 8
Meaning of the dream: happy news

punched in the head 11
Description: joy short-lived

giraffe bends his head 14
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

Grinding head 83
Translation: surprise from friends

receive a slap 84
Dream description: something you hurt

wiggle your head 56
Meaning: spirit of justice

blow on the head 2
Translation of the dream: overwork

head well-coiffed 37
Interpretation: new knowledge

woman's head 33
Sense of the dream: small contrasts

head herd 27
What does it mean: new forces

helmsman head 17
Meaning of the dream: unjust slander

head bloodied 60
Description: discord with women

dead head 16
Interpretation of the dream: need for caution

indicate with head 90
Translation: Reports from resume

Round Head 90
Dream description: exaggerated pride

head cold 56
Meaning: indecision in action

articular head 38
Translation of the dream: practical spirit

comedian head 18
Interpretation: financial loss

being cut off his head on the scaffold 77
Sense of the dream: perfect tranquility, as opposed to bankers and merchants

Wolf have the head of this animal 60
What does it mean: power and honor